What's your favorite whipping fantasy?

Many people fantasize about being whipped. Watching movie scenes gets the juices flowing. What part of a scene is important to you? For me, it's the sound made by the whip. My favorite is the scourging of Saint Barbara, as seen in Whipping Compilation 2 on xhamster.
In my fantasy, I've been crossdressed in a beautiful wedding gown, and find myself chained to a pillar in a convent dungeon while the nuns scourge me with a whip identical to that used in the film.

Feb 1, 2021

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  • I grew up with a humiliation fetish from the time I was a young child. I never understood it or could explain how something like this could even cross the mind of someone so young. I had a neighbor whose name was Dimple. She was hip for the 80s. Always wearing either High Heels or Reebok Freestyles. I had a dream many times and even now that one day I will be face down on the floor with my ass in the air. Her heels or sneakers stepping on the side of my face or back of my neck while she whipped me till I am crying under your feet.

  • Back before caller ID I would call convents and ask the nuns if crossdressing was a sin. When they replied that it was, I would ask if self-flagellation was a suitable penance. Most of them agreed. A few thought that clothespins on my nipples and inserting a tampon for the duration of my flagellation was appropriate. One wanted me to come to the convent and she would whip me while I prayed the Stations of the Cross but she needed approval from the Bishop. I would have to accept the sin of woman, the original sin, as that of my own, and confess my sins to her in order for her to determine an appropriate number of lashes. Plus, my penance wouldn't be just one day or one weekend, it would be expanded as Mother Superior saw fit. I would be kept dressed in women's clothes as a symbol of my sincerity and disciplined as a woman.

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