Weird Fantasy

Hi I'm a 13f (about to 14 in a month) and I've always had a fantasy about having s** with an older guy. I'm a virgin and I want to lose it. Ideally I want the guy to be 27+ and it doesn't matter the package lol. I'm small and I look like I'm at 11 or 12. Lmao is that weird orr



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    Lets chat

  • Find a doctor and ask him to help you secretely

  • Any girls who got snapchat and like to play. Add me. Andyc2104. Girls only please. Say play so I know where u got my snapchat.

  • The police either wrote this or definitely watching it, for good reason.

  • Where are you at?

  • It's not weird, some girls start early.
    Some very early.
    Most think about it by at least age 12-14.
    Reality is it's way more common than they want us to know, especially now in the age of the internet.

  • I had s** with my sister when she was 13 but I do sometimes wish we waited until she was a bit older.

  • H*** no my cousin was 8 and had such a lovely tight p****

  • Look for an older guy to f*** you. Now is the time. Don't waste these precious years when you could be taking c*** every day. You can never go back, so do it now before you get any older. And my advice, look for a dude with a really big d***. It's all crap that size doesn't matter. Size does matter. You want your c*** to be nice and filled, and you want him to hit every corner of your sweet inside.
    Try several different guys so you can compare and find what is most comfortable and thrilling for you. You can find willing guys at the mall, I am sure.

  • I would wait until you're old enough. But if you can't wait maybe you should consider losing your virginity to a family member eg your dad or a older brother someone you trust.

  • Address? never mind looking 11 I prefer you were 11, younger sis that could join us?

  • F****** creep, cant get women so you go for little girls?

  • Don't believe that propaganda, that's all it is, just so much nonsense by the spoiler brigade.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm little girls are nicer

  • The younger they are the better the p****

  • Phone#?

  • No.

    30 years ago I was 14 and was interested in both boys and girls. I lost my virginity to our neighbor's 25 year old son. That August, he made me feel so safe and loved, and he was so gentle with my ass. He taught me about s** and I found I liked swallowing c**.

    We carried on for a year, but I was also experimenting with girls and lost my virginity with a girl during Christmas break.

    With women I am dominant and with men I am submissive.

  • Do you really?

  • How old

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