Remember to close your curtains.

A friend of mine and I were over at another friends having some beers in his garage because his parents were away, My friend was going to stay at my place so around midnight we walked home, We were cutting through the alley about two blocks from my house and he looked over a fence and said "Holy s*** dude...Check it out". I looked over the fence and said "What?", He said "Wait". I stood there waiting and then a woman walked past the window and you could tell she was topless, Couldn't see much but she definitely was not wearing a top.
He looked at me then looked around and said "Is that Ms P*****'s house?", I looked around and said "I don't know, She lives somewhere close to me but I only know which house from the front". He didn't even wait and just jumped over the fence, I was like WTF and followed him whispering his name, We sneaked up to the house and thankfully it was dark in the back yard, We peeked in the window but no one was there. We tip toed around the side of the house and the light was on in one of the rooms, I had to boost him up and he looked in then ducked down and stepped to the ground, He looked around and we quietly got her patio chairs and stood on them.
We both looked in the window and one of the teachers from our school, Not a teacher of ours but one from last year was sitting on the side of her bed in just a thong, She is not bad looking with her clothes on but has definitely got it going on with them off. she was sitting on the edge of her bed with her legs crossed leaning back on her hands, She has big floppy b**** that were hanging to the sides and red hair about half way down her back, she is kind of pale skinned with lots of freckles and not skinny but not overweight either.
I had no idea if she was married or not but she seemed to be waiting for someone and a few seconds after we started peeking the bathroom door opened, She smiled and we couldn't see who was in the bathroom but as soon as the bathroom light shut off another girl stepped up to the bed, BAM, She is a d***, We had no idea but the other girl was decent looking, Kind of plain, Dark hair, Small b****, Skinny and not bad looking either. We had no idea who she was but she looked a bit younger than Ms P, she straddled Ms. P and they got on the bed, He got his phone out but mine was broken so it was at home.
He video taped them for about 20 minutes doing a LOT of l**** stuff and they got each other off, Just turned out the lights and went to bed, We got out of there as quiet as we could but left the chairs where they were just not thinking. We went home and he sent me the video and then said he was going to go home, Probably to j*** it because that's what I did once I got the Ipad and went back to my room. The next day we were talking about it but didn't tell anyone else about it since we didn't want to be labeled as pervs if word got out.
A week or so later he came up with the idea that we should blackmail her into letting us watch them, I didn't think it was gonna work and I actually expected that we would probably end up in a lot of trouble but he was sure it would work and I told him he watches too much p***, Well long story short he told me he was doing it and I couldn't be left behind so I went with him and I thought I was going to have a heart attack as we rang her doorbell and waited. She came to the door and looked at us for a sec before saying "Um...Hi" and I let him take the lead, He said "Hi" and told her we wanted to talk to her and it would be best to do it inside, She looked around and invited us in, We sat at the kitchen table and she said "Ok, What's up?", He pulled out his phone and opened the video, Hit play and slid it across the table to her.
Her eyes got wide and she looked at the phone, She started breathing deep and then put her hands together over her mouth and nose and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes a few seconds later she was MAD, I actually got a bit scared and she looked at us both then grabbed the phone, He said "We saved it elsewhere" and she put the phone down, She was shaking and angry and said "What do you want, I'm a teacher, I don't have any money", He started telling her that we didn't want money and explained what we did want. she said "Oh my god, Not happening, Do you realize what would happen to both of us if anyone ever found out, You really want to destroy the lives of two teachers" (Apparently she is a teacher at another school but never said where).
She said "Not happening, Please just delete it", she tried begging, Pleading, threatening and finally said "Ok, Come up with something else you want, I can help with because that's not happening", I was about to say something and he blurted out "A b******" and she looked at him angrily and said "Are you f****** serious?", He nodded and she said "You understand that I am not into guys right, You have watched the video?" and he said "Only every night" and she shook her head, He said "Well...I can just post it if you would rather" and she got even madder and then explained that it was illegal to post it without her consent but he said he didn't care because we would get a slap on the wrists and she would be outted.
She sat there cracking her knuckles and thinking then said "One and you delete everything, Every copy, Everything", He said "Ok" and she said "I have no way to know if you do", He shrugged and said "We promise", She angrily stomped to the bedroom as we followed, We sat on the bed side by side with our c**** out and she got on her knees, I watched her suck him and swallowed, I could tell she was not impressed by the sounds she was making as she gagged and swallowed, She licked her lips and moved over in front of me, I barely lasted a couple minutes and she was gagging and swallowing again.
She kicked us out and we went back the next night, She answered the door smiling and then took a deep breath and said "Are you f****** serious", We made her do it naked and we have been over to her house three times in the last two weeks but if there is a blue car in the driveway which is her friend, She told us we absolutely cannot involve her and sadly no matter how many time we watch the video you can't see her face well enough to tell who it is so we have nothing on her. The last time we went over we made her go all the way, We each had s** with her and next time we are going to make her do it at the same time.
Should have kept her curtains closed I guess, she won't make that mistake again.

Jul 7, 2019

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  • Yournso lucky.

  • Did you give her some nut bareback?

  • And keeps door locked too....i was fuckingg my girl when her mother came in and saw her daughter getting destroyed..she shouted but i didnt stop as i was about to cumm and left me seed in her...awesome moment for me

  • Make her bi and enjoy, this is your home task guys!!

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