I lost my virginity to a horse!

Yes I lost my virginity to a horse when I was 16. I have been around horses my entire life. From the age of about 3 years old. My father started managing a horse farm in Maryland. We moved a couple times and ended up in Kentucky. I love horses. My father gave me my own horse when I was 10. He and I grew up together. As we got closer I noticed that he felt a certain way for me. I felt the same. Then one day while riding out on the farm. I came to a secluded spot. I ended up getting naked to go for a swim. When I came back to get my clothes on I noticed he was fully erect. I patted his head and neck. Then I got under him and I stroked his huge member. My heart was pounding and I started to suck on him. It was so big and I was so turned on. I was sucking on it and fingering myself at the same time. I tried to figure a way for us to unite. But it wasn't going to happen. I tried getting on all fours but it was too difficult to guide him when you can't see. So I just sucked him off. He made so much c** it was crazy.

I went one night when all were sleeping down to the barn. I had placed a piano bench I bought just for this reason. The top was padded in black tucked leather. I put the bench under him and I got on the bench. I could see perfectly and I guided him towards me. It was like so awesome that first time. feeling him enter me. I only took a few inches of him. He squirted gobs and gobs of horse c** inside and all over me. It took me a few times but I could soon get about 10 whole inches of his huge long member into me. It felt so wonderful I wanted to be with him all the time. Which I was around him or we took long rides together. The hardest time came when we finally had to put him down. I did it myself. I injected him and then I laid with him until he past. I told him how much I loved him and I promised him I would not love another the way I did him. I miss him everyday. The pain I feel but the joy we shared.

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  • Total BS. If you're paying attention, it's never the girl who initiates, because she's little c*** s*** that has been dreaming about horse c*** splitting her open like the Red Sea so the Israelites can escape the Horse driven Chariots coming to kill them...it's always the c***, whether man or beast. She just happened on a place to get naked and wet. The c*** just happened to get hard...because she is so irritable to the dumb animal..or man, and we dumb animals simply cannot resist her naked body. RIGHT? Holy h***, let's see pics...I can't wait.
    I digress...low and behold the Virgin Peggy Sue, cannot only handle a horse c*** in her Virgin p****, but it's been her best p**** splitter she ever ride. If only she could marry Mr Ed. Life would be blissful.

  • I would have taken care of you at 3 never mind 16, if the c*** is ready the ass and mouth always are

  • A horse is always a superior lover to any man. No man can make you feel so good inside. My horse makes so much s**** and I love how it feels and taste. I no longer desire any men. Only the love of a sexy stallion will do for me.

  • For me, it's my mare. After a few minutes fuc king her, her cu nt begins twitching. I feels as though she's licking my co ck.

  • Wow, you should write a movie !

  • Mikalya?

  • I'd love to watch that video. I've tried to browse the dark web once didn't work out very well.

  • Nope! Just a little bitty tiny white woman. L****!

  • Some people make fun of your story, I know, and I think that is sad. I can understand how much you loved that horse. I have known several young girls who loved to get f***** by horses. Farm s** is more common than people realize. There is nothing wrong with it. I know it will not fill your c*** as much, but have you considered s** with a dog? Dog c*** can be quite exciting. I know it cannot replace the feeling of being filled with horse d***, but it might giveyou some comfort and joy.

  • I, too, live on a farm. Daddy sometimes lets me watch him fu ck one of the mares, or ewes, and encourages me to let one of the goats ravish me. I just love it when it's finally spunking up me. Daddy's been using me since I was 9, after my mother ran off with a neighbour's son, and we often fu ck each other after our animal session.

  • I lived in an isolated farm and have seen dogs and horses in heat and mating, they raised my interest when I was hardly 16 yo. Once I saw a mare in heat and her p**** engorged quite a bit showing off a bit of pink inside and juicy. At night I sneaked into the barn, took position on her back, standing on a pack of hay, aligned my erect throbbing c*** with her p****. Then stroked her p**** with a couple of my fingers and felt the slippery wetness. I could not wait longer - my c*** smoothly glided into her, I pressed hard got my c*** entirely embedded into her very warm p****. It was so smooth and warm that after hardly a couple of thrusts I came in gushes. After that I carried on with few more f**** and she seemed to enjoy. After so many years now, I cannot forget the adolescence experience.

  • When i taught at a private boy's school, we once had a party at the farm of one of the rich families. I was a young teacher and was often included in the fun and games the boys played. On this occasion, four boys of sixteen and seventeen went out to the barn and f***** a mare. They had a h*** of a good time and all the boy's shot nice big l****. The boy whose farm it was said it was better than girl p**** because the horse never complained or demanded anything.

  • Sure you did. I bet your t*** is so tight that you can't even handle a tampon. Sounds like some little girl wrote this or maybe a 13 year old boy. Yeah that's it your a little boy. Scram!

  • Now I bet you love them black Mandingo warriors you see hounding around you all the time

  • I lost my virginity to a hippo named Sanjah. I mean she was huge. I was pretty drunk. She told her family what happened and her brothers and father made me marry her or said they would cut off parts of my body if I didn't. Now I wish I would have just let them.

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