It's my wife's fault I cheat

I have to admit it but it's totally my wife's fault that I cheat on her. If only she would give me what I need. She has even admitted that she knows I have a high sexual drive. But only makes love to me about two or three times a month. So I have found that I need more. Which I'm getting from one of several women. One lady I work with who ended up getting divorced last year. The other woman works for a company that I go to in my daily travels selling our services to. Ends up I'm also giving her some service also. She is married to man who would rather do anything but make love to his wife. What a j*** so I don't feel bad doing what I'm doing with her at all. I would to be married to woman who actually enjoys it as much as I do. So I don't feel bad for him at all. As for my wife well she's a different story. I am thinking about leaving her and maybe staying with one of the women I'm now having relations with. The lady who got divorced. I love the one who is married though and have been telling her we both should get divorced and then get married. I'm working on her but she isn't ready yet. I'm getting tired of sleeping next to a cold dead fish like my wife. I just don't understand people like her. She really doesn't even like to be held or touched or kissed. She wasn't that way at first. She was more engaging back then. She told me she did what she needed to do to get married but now she doesn't need to go through all that now. After all we are married. I told her I need warmth and touch and all that goes with that. It's very sad to see. She can't have children and it's probably a good thing. I stayed with her cause I loved her. But now those feelings have died inside me. Till the light has gone from me. I need more than she is willing to give or can do. I feel very sad and just want to be held by someone who loves me an not afraid to show it.

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  • Get out while you can. Women boy oh boy!

  • Why oh why I stayed in a sexless marriage for so many years. Burned a lot of life in doing so. Best day of my marriage was when I walked out vowing never to take her spoiled bossy mouth another day.

  • A year ago, my wife moved out. She said he could not stand it any longer. The love had died years earlier but we just played our parts. I felt lonely but stuck with it. I though she was being a good wife. We had s** but oh such boring s**. She lay there on her back totally still while I f***** her. In hindsight she hated it. I though she was just doing it.

    Anyway now I have gotten over the feeling of rejection, I realise how much I missed. Got a gild friend and so much life. I wish I'd gone through the pain of separation years ago.

  • Yet forever more women wonder why guys step out and cheat.

  • Yes they just don't get it. We need what they have. Yet they withhold it. This reminds me of a poem I know. It goes like this. Thy beauty lies between thy thighs, snake sh it.

  • Your wifes fault. Always someone elses fault.

  • Yes yes get it all out now. You poor baby do you feel better. I hope so. You selfish son of a itch. You disgust me. It's your wife's fault really. You over sexed ass. You deserve to be alone.

  • Yes it sounds to me he would be much better off alone. OP, divorce immediately. Today!

  • Sound like u r a p***** woman ditched over similar issue

  • Sounds like you're a stupid teenager who can't type in regular English and thinks he has a clue about this topic :)

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