Got her to start smoking

A woman I work with in her mid 30's was having trouble with her fiance and had an off again on again relationship. She though he was the one, and it seemed like he wasn't then and she was starting to not give a f*** about things. She sort of gave up on dating, quit working out and started struggling with her weight. An older divorced woman in the shop sorta of encouraged this a bit, telling her to go ahead and have a donut and stuff. At first she fought it, but eventually gained a couple pants sizes. She had small b****** and a round butt, so getting fat looked kinda good on her to me. We were talking one day about "Covid weight gain" and she said "I'm kind of over it" "not too worried" and grabbed a donut.

I don't know what came over me, but I said "well nicotine is an appetite suppressant" A few of us still smoke or vape and she had never tried it. We had we chatting about how she had never tried smoking, that it was probably a good thing. Still, now she was bored, depressed an curious about smoking.

Over the course of the next few months she tried vaping and smoking a few times. Some folks encouraged her to "just try it" Other said "don't even try" EVERYONE warned her though. She figured it out though and smoked a few time. Then that was it. . .we thought.

Her and just a few other people were working 3rd shift and she comes outside and it was just me smoking. She starts unloading on me about her boyfriend, her weight, not getting married and all and asks me for a cigarette. I was like "I don't know" she gets more upset so I'm like "You are super cute, I love the way you look in your yoga pants. Lots a guys don't care, they won't care if you smoke either" she seemed happier, I gave her the rest of my pack (maybe 5 left) and said "you do you, be happy and the right guy will find you"

We basically turned her into a fat, out of shape smoker like the rest of us. She does seem happier now at least.

12 days

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  • Actually, I'm happy for her. She sounds a lot like me, and, believe me, I love being a fat and happy smoker.

  • All aboard the fatty train :) everyone should stop caring, eat more, and get huge

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