My fiancés parents hate me and it's glorious

Okay so my fiancé and I have been engaged for a little while now but nobody really knows except a couple close friends and her sister (we are planning on telling immediate family before we disclose it on social media). Anyways my fiancés family absolutely hates me (I will be the future husband btw).

Just to give some background on these people, they are the "easy mannered" Christians that will do no wrong but will talk behind people's backs and basically try to make everyone hate someone. So my fiancés mom and dad hate me, but my fiancés grandmother likes me, same with both of my fiancés sisters, and her cousin, and basically everyone else in her family. This is causing her parents to actually destroy their relationships with their own family members because of how much they hate me and when they try to gossip about me.

I mean I am atheist (which most of my fiancés family doesn't care about, many of them are also atheist), I am not the breadwinner between my fiancé and myself (I am an engineer and I make less than my fiancé... It's not that I don't work or have a bad career, they just think she should only marry up... Even though they intentionally don't work so that they earn below the lowest tax bracket so they don't pay income tax... Oh yeah, they intentionally avoid income tax because they don't want to pay into things like public education or public roads, both of which they use... Or for healthcare... We are Canadian)

Ultimately it's so funny because her mom and dad are both just destroying their relationship with their daughters and sometime in the next couple of weeks they are going to learn that we are engaged and all that hate... Man I just can't wait for it.

Her parents are truly s***** people (I am not getting into it fully but like me being an atheist makes me worse than a rapist in their eyes... As in my fiancés father's best friend is a convicted child molester) and everyone in her family is distancing themselves from them because of how s***** they are and I just love it...both my fiancé and I believe the coming out about our engagement will be the last straw and they will say something and end up cutting all of their ties with everyone.

This might make me sound petty but isn't this kind of what karma describes? Horrible people will have it come around and bite them in the ass?


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  • Be very careful my friend. My very hot girlfriend's mom and dad tolerated me but I knew her mom hated me. My GF was estranged from her parents for some years due to our relationship. Fast fwd we got married and as time went on my wife started becoming her mother to even start losing her hotness. What they say you are marrying your mother in law came true. She made up with her parents and I was in deep.

  • Listen to me don't marry into this family. They aren't for you. Unless you and your fiancé are prepared to just split and go it on your own. Trust me you will always be the third wheel and made to feel like an outsider. I know what I'm talking about. My wife's parents have done this to me. They laugh at me and talk about me so I can hear them. You not only marry the person you are with but the family comes with them. I have virtually no allies in her family and she has stopped standing up for me. It's all because they have money and my family had little to none. They look down their noses at me. I went to school and I'm an educator. I moved up to be a principle but even at $130,000.00 a year I'm still below what my wife brings in. Had I known what I was in for I would have not went down this path. These people have no love in their hearts. At least none for me. I have tried to fit in but they keep me on the outside. So my life is filled with unpleasantness and times that are uneasy. Now my wife leaves me alone at family gatherings to be with her loved ones. If I enter a room they find a way to make some excuse and move to another room. It's like I'm a leper .

  • Don't worry , its not you. Let them hate you , their hate will only consume them , not you. You should sit your wife down and ask her how she feels toward you. Why do they hate you , what have you done? You're going to need lots of courage , the road ahead of you is going to be long and hard, so hang in there. Good luck.

  • My fiancé only still talks to her parents because of her youngest sister (6 years old... Very big age gap between them). Her other sister has basically cut ties with her parents and only really talks to her other family members.

    I have allies in the family, and her family is basically just torn itself apart. So I do appreciate the advice but me and my fiancé have been together for years (I'm not trying to dismiss it your input) and it's just something we both talked about and wanted. As I kind of eluded to in the post, her entire family is cutting ties with her parents and its kind of like the straw that broke the camels back being them hating me for not being traditional.

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