Love making my mother in law mad.

I love to do things that set her off. She is a died in the wool conservative. I love p****** her off saying things that will get her. She hates curse words so I try and use them all the time. My wife will tell me to put a sock in it. The word she hates the most is the big C word. Yes the word C U NT! Sets her off on a tangent and then I sit back and enjoy. Even my father In law laughs at her when she gets set off by my bad boy liberal mouth. I just get way to much joy out of making her mad. She voted for Trump cause she hated Hillary Clinton so much. But boy don't you say anything bad about Trump or she goes nuts. But not as crazy as when I say the C word. Oh my God she chased me around the house with a broom when I said that. I think the whole business is just hilarious. I should call her on the phone and when she answers say C U N T and hang up. Wonder who she'll chase around the house then.

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  • My mom took a switch to my bare butt lasted time I used that word !! And I am 24

  • What word? C U N T cause she bees one lol. She can beat my hairy ass anytime the C U N T !

  • Angry women are a turn-on. All hot AF.

  • Better watch out she'll probably kick your ass. Then you can come back on here and tell us how she whaled on you. Your probably a sissy boy anyway.

  • Grow up you loser!

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