My Boss

I think I'm developing a crush on one of my bosses. He started out being really friend and helpful. Asking me if I have questions I can go to him, changing around his answers to match mine (saying he hates spiders then I say I want a pet tarantula then saying tarantulas are cool) things like this. Now he has gone completely cold. Will only say a small greeting if I'm lucky.

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  • Pomegranate? Don’t we all?

  • I had a wild and hot affair with the man I worked for back in the 90s. It was the best s** ever and I've had some reeeeeally good s** in my life. The relationship lasted for over 8yrs before he got transferred out of state. He asked me to move with him, but my husband couldn't give up the job he had because he couldn't make as much money elsewhere, so that was that. My recommendation is that you enter the affair, and just see where it goes. If works, great, and if not, you can always end it.......or find another job. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the s**. Enjoy the attention.

  • A tip for you it is very easy for a woman to ask them if they want to fuckk you so do it bitchh queen

  • Tell him you got a pet tarantula and it was the worst mistake ever. Then ask him what he likes and take it from there.
    You have to play his game cause it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t want to play yours

  • You scared him with the spider story

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