Imperfect and Perfect at the same time

The human body is both of these. If I think about the whole life process, or all living things for that matter, it is truly amazing. From a sweaty, few minutes of l***, a human can be made in less than a year later. Perfect.
The imperfection comes from everything after that. Now my stomach hurts due to I will have to release my bowels in the next few minutes. I'm hot and sticky from the heat and just feel utterly miserable at this moment. But we are all born with such great potential, again...perfection.

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  • Profound and true thoughts, my friend. And far better verbiage than most of the bilge that passes for confessions around here. Ignore the troglodytes below-- they're threatened by anybody who isn't obsessed with panty-sniffing or daydreaming about railing a sibling.

  • More detail would help

  • Yep, even your Mom being the cumdumpster that she is produced life

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