I did it in the park

I was bored yesterday afternoon and I went out for a walk in our Local park. It was a hot sunny afternoon and the park was quiet as it was a working day. two young men jogged past me and I was admiring their rear and sweaty bodies. I then imagined being sandwhiched togetrher inbetween them and having the f***k pumped out of me. This made me feel extremly h**** and I sat down on a bench next to a big tree I then discreetly and slowly slipped my hand inside my bra and started to touch my breast and it wasnt long before i was longing to finger my wet p****. I didn't want to do it there as there was people around.I needed to find some where someplace. The thought of what was about to do was making me feel hornier than ever.I then noticed a wooden castle in the play area and i saw that there was no kids playing at the area so i climbed inside and sat for a few minutes looking to see if anyone noticed me inside i was sat in the shaded area under an upper lever of the castle that was closed in. after a few minutes i started to m*********, the thing is it looks as if the place is used as there were rude messages on the wall some with phone numbers on what obviously older youngsters would use to have s** in.When i finished and composed my self I left the castle and carried on strolling through the park by the way iam 62 years old next year a bit of self excitment doesnt hurt does it.

Jun 30, 2011

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  • you bullshit away yourself you know sweet f*** all loser

  • hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  • Cool story, Grams. By the way, I'd do you in the windmill at the putt-putt if you were up to it.

  • brb, putting my wellies on as i'm knee deep in bullshit.

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