Sister used me

I don't know how to start this, anyway. a few weeks ago I was asleep in my room with the sheets off me as I was warm and i hot up to my sister who is younger than me start to touch my d***. im 16 and shes 12. I whispered to her to stop but she kept going. i felt so wrong but so good at the same time. I wish for her to do it again but shes been out on school camps. anything I should do with her?



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  • I think mutual masturbation is totally ok and I see no problem for you two to move on to oral s**. I would leave it a while before attempting intercourse.

  • Have her suck your d***. If you train her right she will swallow your sperm no problem and that will become a regular part of her blow jobs for the rest of her life.

  • Try to take her to her room and rub her p****

  • Should have been rubbing long ago, started my step sis as a baby

  • Mmmm yes. Id love to help you strech her lol hole too

  • It is fairly normal to explore bro-sis bodies. Do not ask her to stop but see how far she wants to go. You may also encourage her to stroke your c*** to e**********. Be open to her and ask to let you explore her p**** and lick her budding t*** . You may even massage her p**** and finger her using some lube to stretch her hole and suck her p**** lips. This will help you if you want to f*** her. It should be a great fun and enjoyable within the privacy of home.

  • Yeah, definitely - invite her into your room next time she's sleeping at you all's house and be naked. Explain that you know what she did and you want her to do it again, and you want to do it to her. You want to play in her privates. Look up some p*** and teach her how to suck d***, and you should learn how to eat p****. When she's older start having s**. Enjoy the free p**** as long as it lasts.

  • If she is 12 and you don't want her send her to me

  • It is normal for brothers and sisters to experiment. I would let her set the boundaries but I wouldn't engage in intercourse until she's a bit older. Masturbation and oral s** is ok for now.

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