Brother uses me

Just to start off, im quite a heavy sleeper so... i noticed that things were disappearing from my room so i set up a camera to find who it is as I have an older sister and brother (im 14 and my bro is 18) and i check the footage the next day. so im asleep in bed around 12am or so when i see my brother walk in a start to touch me while i sleep, he touches my chest and downthere. i then saw him take his p**** out and it in me. i was so shocked when i saw the footage that i didnt know what to do but kept my silence. should i confront him about it. i dont know what to do.



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  • If you don't mind it but you are to embarrassed to confront him , just pretend to be asleep and when he f**** you, open your eyes and rhythm his f******, then he would know your ok with him f****** you

  • Good advice!

  • You should keep quiet if enjoyed his nightly adventure. If not talk to him about what he wants from you. May be you two come to a mutual arrangement before telling the mater to your parents.

  • I would have had your p**** long before 14

  • Mmmm me too

  • Should be started while still in a nappy, little feels and licks

  • F****** pedophile weirdo

  • This site is where the ones with internet access and lots of time on their hands love to hang out, it's true

  • I thibk it would be safer to inform your parents with the footage. Unless your kinky and want to go further with him then confront him.

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