Want sisters husband for my own

I'm a 18 year old woman, a bit fat and super close to my sisters husband. I'm also madly in love with him and want him to be my first.

Over the last few months have been doing some serious kissing and foundling each other. He makes me c** and I jerked him off and let him c** on my face and b****.

Now I want more. I take him deep throat and swallow I want him in my ass and p****. I'm a virgin and he is the first guy I have ever done anything with. I want him to be my first.

I have loved him since I was 15. Am I foolish? My sister goes out all night and disappears for weeks at a time. And told me she doesn't find him attractive. And hate s** with him.

We spend days at a time together and for months when he goes to work in the morning we have been really kissing good bye, long slow kisses. I started it BTW not him. But I melt when he looks at me.

I want my sister out of our lives and want him for my own. Last night AFTER he came he kissed my and said I love you.


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  • "WOMAN." omfg dying with laughter over here

  • 18 years old is not a woman, it's a girl with t*** and about 10 years of experience being a hormonal psychopath. There's a reason grown women want nothing to do with you, and it's not just because you can't get into bars.

  • You should tell your sister how you feel about him and hopefully she may step aside.

  • What are you waiting for? Your sis goes out for days means she is f****** elsewhere. On the other hand, it is always juicy to f*** others hubby, even better if within the family. You both are adults and consensual s** is ok and within the family the best! You already have done everything with him short of loosing your virginity. It is worth loosing in your case!

  • Go for it, it's obvious that you both have deep feelings for each other, I garuntee he wants to be with you, message back I am here to help

  • Foolish of course, your a kid with raging hormones. Foolish actions, foolish sense of knowing more than what you can possibly know at your age.
    Sounds pretty average to me.

  • I'm surprised OP hasn't been hovering around this confession, waiting for a common-sense response like ^this^ to use as an excuse to go into defensive-freakout mode. That's a crucial part of teenage GIRL drama too.

    Maybe her medication kicked in...?

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