I’m 76 (man) and my wife is 65. Since a prostate operation I have trouble with my erection, very often I don’t get it hard enough to penetrate. My wife is frustrated by that; she always has a strong need for s**. I can’t use v***** because of some medicine I use.

But we’ve got a solution, a neighborhood kid (19) is very fond of my wife, he always hangs around her. Btw my wife is a plump woman, with big b****, big ass and a big belly.

We let him do some odd jobs with us and paid him so well that he often came to us. We became familair with eachother step by step and one day, I supposedly had to leave, my wife managed to seduce him.
She was very satisfied when I came home later. The neighborhood boy had already left. That happened that way a couple of weeks.

But one time I was supposedly gone again, but came home earlier and "caught" my wife and the neighborhood boy. He was shocked!

Of course we had a conversation with him and I told him I had some problems and that this might be a good solution. The neighborhood boy was very relieved and told that he always loved a woman like my wife. This was due to an aunt of his, who looked like my wife's body and always took him on his lap as a little child. He always pushed his head between her big b**** and played with it. From then he kept his eyes on simular women.

From that moment on he came to us every week, I didn't have to leave and went to watch some sports on the TV in the living room.
But one day I hung a hidden camera in our bedroom, and while the boy and my wife are having a blast on our bed, I watch them having s** on the TV. Unfortunately I have not yet succeeded in making recordings of it.

I get very excited about it and when the neighborhood boy is done with my wife, she waits on the bed because she knows that I will come to her with a hard erection to do it myself with her. Although I don’t penetrate my wife directly, I managed to keep a hard one.

My wife always has a very strong o***** when I suck the fresh seed of the neighborhood boy out of her p**** and it frankly turns me up. We are very satisfied with this situation and we hope that the neighborhood boy will visit us for a long and often time.

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  • You suck the seed? eew dude I just threw up in my mouth. why would you do that?

  • Would love to see my wife get f***** by a young boy.

  • I'm willing to do that describe your wife?

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