How did we get here.

My wife and I have been married 22 years this year, Thank god our oldest is out on his own and our youngest is away at college now and wasn't around for this but last year my wife came home from her younger sisters bachelorette party in another city and came clean about cheating on me, She claimed it was the first time and that she had never and would never do it again.
I know...Boot the b**** to the curb, And I did but after staying at her parents for a week she came back begging to work things out, She did everything, She cried, She begged, She pleaded and finally bargained, She came up with the idea that I should have an affair and we would be even, I shut that down saying it would only make us on the same level and not make it even but just make me as bad as her. I sat and thought and finally told her I wanted to hear about it, I told her I wanted every detail no matter how small so I had every piece of information to make my decision off of. She started telling me the story very vague and I stopped her telling her I wanted the details, All of them.
She was obviously embarrassed to tell me about it and I had to stop her a couple times to calm myself so I didn't choke her but she detailed how they ended up drinking with a group of three guys and went up to their "Suite" and she and one other girl ended up staying longer than the rest and both f***** random guys, She divulged a lot of details and her friend who is single so it doesn't matter but her friend was banging one guy in the bathroom and they could hear them and it led to her sucking a guys d*** and then she let him t** f*** her and then spread her legs for him but she made him pull out and come on the bed or so she says so...Yeah...All good right?
I made her go back to her parents place and stay there for a couple more days before letting her come back home, She slept in the spare room for a couple nights and then came to our room in the middle of the night and I woke up to her with her hand in my underwear jerking me, I anger f***** her hard and she loved it, I pounded her and shoved my thumb in her ass which she protested but gave in to and when I came I pulled out and came on her t*** and even got some on her face, She went and cleaned herself and came back crying about how degrading it was, I told her it was nothing compared to how degrading it was to know she f***** a random dude and that shut her up.
The next morning I left and went to our cabin for two days fishing by myself and spent a lot of time just thinking, When I returned home she greeted me at the door with a drink wearing only a thong and a see through t-shirt, I asked who knew about what she had done, She told me just her one friend who was sworn to secrecy and she assured me she would take it to the grave, I set my drink down and pounded her bent over the kitchen counter with my thumb in her ass. After I came she led me to the bedroom, Worked her best to get me up again and begged me to make love to her.
We started talking more and the more we talked the more I started to catch myself visualizing what she was telling me about being on her back with her legs spread while a guy, According to her "Probably mid to late 20's" pounded her, She started to notice that it was getting me hard when she would talk about it and she started talking about it during s** and one evening while on her hands and knees she looked back at me and asked if I wanted to watch her get f***** and I said "Yes" as I came inside her, I don't even know how it all led to this but that whole thing started her and I searching for a guy to f*** my wife while I watched.
She must have been feeling guilty about the whole thing and the fact that I think she wanted it more than I did because she came home from a night out with some friends and brought her single friend who had been with her the night she banged the other guy and they woke me up buck naked and she laid beside us as I f***** her friend and then they switched and after a bit of forceful urging my wife sucked on her friends t*** while I came on them and her face at the same time then shoved my c*** in her friends mouth and made her suck it dry.
All of this led us to Mexico, Laying on a beach I told her if she wanted to get f***** to take her top off and she would have no problem, She nervously did and low and behold while I was getting drinks a guy approached her and she invited him to our room, We had a sweaty, Wild three way with some guy who wasn't much younger but probably early thirties, We took turns f****** her face and p**** and she swallowed his load while I held her arms down at her sides with my legs and t** f***** her then when he pulled out of her mouth I almost couldn't wait but I managed to wait until he was out of the way and came on her face, A solid, Huge load.
She was not impressed but played it off until he was out the door and then told me not to ever treat her like that again, The next day he found us again, We tag teamed my wife again and the day after that she picked up a guy who couldn't have been more than 25 at the pool bar while I watched from our balcony, She brought him to the room, She sucked him and she barely managed to stop before he came but she pulled back and we tagged her, He came twice, once in her mouth and once inside her. We left Mexico and came home, She brought her friend over again and we spent a full 24 hours naked together inside our house with the blinds closed and by the end of it I couldn't even get it hard again, I got my wife's friend to lick my wife's p**** for a few seconds and got my wife to put a finger in her friends p****.
If this is the trade off for letting my wife get f***** by random guys then I can deal with that, She told me she is going out of town for a work thing, Just over night but she asked if she can f*** someone while she is away, I told her "Only if you video tape it...And Mary (Her friend) might come over while you are gone" and she kissed me and said "Only if you tape it".

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