boss worship and annoying "workplace bullying" articles

I think that the workers should also be paid to satiate ego of their bosses, this mean to metaphorically and literally kiss their ass and their feet, bow down for them and stuff like that, and of course revere and adore them and try to satisfy all of their requests but still without run in to any risk for their health, fortunately i learned from an article found on the web that in some workplaces the managers really expect the workers to bow down and kiss their shoes but the problem is that it happen in a discreete way, like, those managers really can't do that in front of everyone as they should be able to do, at least in an anoymous confession i am sure that someone can finally admit with me to feel the same way

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  • I am a boss and I would love to take advantage of my young staff. Make them work for their promotions. But #metoo f***** all that. I am waiting for the day when the cops knock on my door because the one time I did that years ago. I gave a high schooler a part time job after school and told her she only had it provided she wore her school uniform.

  • Very good , look , contact me here
    and we can talk about it privately , the same goes for all those who love this post like me , contact me on that email , i made it on purpose to talk about it :D

  • Also whatever that #metoo is , if it can prevent stupid a******* to take advantage of their position to cause problems to other people then it is really a good thing , many people have a crappy life because of their a****** and m************ miserable bosses

  • Wow you really are trash , you know a living scum like you shouldn't ever become a boss of something , and after all not even a servant , no you shouldn't even exist , you don't deserve even that you f****** handicapped trash , just f****** kill yourself

  • He should take advantage of them. It’s hot

  • I could appreciate it if it involve a gorgeous lady as the boss , and fortunately i know tha there are bosses like that , and the point was to chose a worker as a foot worhsiper

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