Well that's awkward.

I had shared a bed with my cousin last night, We were attending a family function and had to share a bed due to the number of people there. Me and her are both 22 and within 6 months of age and have always been reasonably close so it was no big deal but...
I woke up this morning and was UBER h****, It took me a couple seconds to gather my bearings but I knew there was a body pressed up behind mine, One arm under my neck, wrapped around and the hand lifting my shirt and cupping my breast, pointer finger and thumb holding, Not squeezing or pulling or anything just softly holding my nip which was so hard it was sore. The other arm across my hip, Hand between my legs and one finger between my lips, Not in me but kind of, Just between my lips with the part of the finger closest to the hand pressing on my c***, Sorry the description is dumb but it's the best I can do right now.
My boyfriend who was NOT there has been known to...Get me fired up when i'm asleep and I wake up and HAVE to get some so it took me a few seconds to realize where I was and that he wasn't with me and when I had that "Light bulb moment" I swear my heart stopped for a second, I am definitely straight, No doubt in my mind about that, I realized who it was and I somehow managed to not completely freak but instead I just rolled over and when I did I rolled to face her and she rolled onto her back. She was very obviously asleep and didn't even wake up, she just put her arms above her head and stretched a bit then went on sleeping.
I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom, Most others were already awake so I had a shower and finished up what had already been started but HOLY what a weird experience.

Jul 25, 2019

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  • This is embarrassing but similar happened with my brother during a camping trip. I was semi-awake and not very cognisant and I started feeling around a body lying next to me. I felt some pants and I put my hand down them and felt a p**** starting to get erect and realized my hand probably shouldn't be there. The person next to me moved and I pulled my hand out and I was a little startled but rolled over and went back to sleep. Next thing I know I wake up again semiconsious and this time I feel someone's hand on my own body but I brushed it off and went back to sleep.

    This is where it get's real bad. I wake up again and someone is thrusting their c*** into me. I'm still not fully awake but I know that the s** feels really really good. I start trying to piece together where I am and right as he c*** the realization hit me. "I just had s** with my own brother!"

    His arms were still around me but the thrusting stopped and I pulled away as he rolled over. I looked hoping it wasn't him but it was. For I don't know how long, I just sat there looking at him but he was fast asleep. I stepped out of the tent, sat down and for most of the night looked at the burt embers that remained of the campfire. I didn't cry but I wasn't mentally well right then either. I can't possibly explain the feeling of having just been f***** by my own brother. I don't think he even knows what happened. I've kept it to myself and never told him about it.

    I also took a pregnancy test. At least there was no baby.

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  • Haha, I had the same thing happen when I was 15 but I was sleeping on the floor with my cousin and she had rolled over in the night and put her hand over me and into my pants and was holding my c***. That was all it took and I laid there for a few minutes just knowing her hand was holding it and I came in my pants and all over her hand, When I did she took a deep breath half snorting and woke up whispering "What the h***..."She leaned over me to see if I was awake and I pretended to be asleep and she pulled her hand out, Whispered "What the f*** am I doing" and went to the bathroom, Washed her hand and moved to the couch, We are still close and it has never been mentioned.

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