I'm the mom of an 8 year old boy. a while ago i got pregnant but after some weeks it was a misscarriage. It was hard and my son helped me getting over it. It has been strange but just after the misscarriage my t*** swelled up and started producing milk. my doctor said that it happens in 10 percen t of all misscarriages. he told me to pump it into bottles and bring it to the hospital. I started doing it and my son watched and asked me what I do. I told him what happened and he said, why I did that because he's there and he could drink it. As he did when he was a baby. I was surprized by this idea and did not know what to say. So I got him on my knee and offered him one of my b******. I don't know what to say but when he sucks me I get excited and wet. And I started touching ans jerking his c*** which was hard, when I touched it the first time. I don't kno how to feel.


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  • Nothing sexier than a pregnant woman. Breast milk tastes fantastic and I wish I could taste it again.

    A girl that I was friends with in HS got pregnant later in life, the father of the baby left soon after she gave birth. We hooked up one evening and she was on top of me, her b****** started leaking and I started sucking like there was no tomorrow.

    Hope it happens again before I leave this world...

  • Similar thing for me, I was depressed after the miscarriage, but had to pump regularly.

    One day my 15 year old son was with me in bed watching TV.

    I took out the pump and lowered my top, he looked at me and said he better leave.

    I grabbed his arm, and said Stay.

    I them guided his mouth to my b****. And said, Make Mommy feel good please.

    He sucked as drank my milk from both b****. He c*** was hard pressed against his boxers.

    I pulled them down his c*** is magnificent 7 inches, I climbed top of him and rode him until I came. Then finished him with my mouth. I swallowed his c**.

    It 4 years later and we are still at it. I let him knock me up twice, so I keep lactating and he can milk my b****.

    We have two daughters. I'm only 41 now and figure he can make me pregnant at least two more time.

    I c** during our nursing session.

  • Enjoy just don't talk to even your best friends.Best friend can become the worst enemies as they know a lot.

  • Thank you for that!
    I'va had nearly the same history. It's now 5 years ago. My Son is 17 now. I was 42 when I got pregnant again. It was not planned but we've been happy about. And we knew, it would be a risk at age 42. And it was. We lost it in the 22th week. We've been down. Depressed! And our love died about it. It did already in the weeks before when it looked like it would not have a happy end. My husband left the day when I had the misscarriage.
    My son was the only help I had that days (no other relatives nearby). He acted much older than his 12 years in that situation. My problem was difficult. During the pregnancy I have been very h****. That has been similar with our first child. It started around the 17th/18th week. We have always had an active sexlife and it was very hard for me when my husband slowly turned away from me. S** has been the first he did not want anymore. And I did understand it at that point because he has been scared to harm the baby with it. But all doctors said it's not. Everyone I asked, told me, s** during pregnancy is good. even for the Baby.
    But back to what I want to tell and why I'm so thankful.
    I did not want more chemicals to stop producing milk so I used a pump and took some tea to stop the milk production. I was alone and my son helped me a lot and it happened that he saw me using the pump. Sure he stared at my t***. Which 12 year old would not? And it was ok with me. molst it happened that I used the pump and he came into the room. he apologized and returned out.
    And then it happened nearly as you described. We have been in the livingroom watching some soccer (my son plays himself). And my b****** started to hurt again. I went out to get the pump and when I came back, I opened my blouse and opened my bra. I had a nursing-bra for easier use. my son, like yours stood up and wanted to leave but I stopped him. Somehow it turned me on a bit, I today can confess that. It turned me on seeing his looks at my t***.

    => Part II

  • Nice a son should see his mothers t*** and, a mother should see her sons c***. Then they should kiss and feel each other and have a really good f***.

  • My hubby did it for me. It actually started to happen when I was too full and my little baby could not take my abundant milk. My lactating bra always wet with surplus milk. My hubby suggested that I should try with suckling by him. I did with him almost regularly for about a year and that often used to make me h**** and we had s**.

  • Part II
    I pumped the first t** and I saw that my son could not concentrate any more to the TV. And I saw that there was a bulge in his pants. Short time later he said he had to go to the bathroom. when ce came back he had red cheeks and no more bulge.
    I started the second and for a moment he had free look on my t***. I started to feel sorry for him. The bulge was back and I became more and more h****.
    I sat back on the couch and slipped nearer to him. And then I did nearly the same, you did. I begged him to stay and I took his hand and put it on my Breast. He loooked some kind of worried or perhaps shocked. But I calmed him down.
    I let him help me with the pump at the second breast and he opened up some more. He got more comfortable with touching my t***. And I loved it.
    And then ther was this Moment. I do not why, but I did it. I had so much Love for him and somehow I was sorry, to torment him in such a way.
    he took of the Pump and put it on the Table. then he tried to close the flap of the bra but I stopped him. I looked him in the eyes and the put his hand on my t** again. and I put my hand on the bulge in his pants. He looked shocked but I did not stop. I opened his pants and took it out. He did not c** at that age but I jerked him until he was shaking. Then I took him in my arms, his face on my Breast.
    Thats how it started with me and my son.
    I thank you that you did me tell it here and take it from my shoulders!

  • So you graduated to actual s**?


  • My ex was never hotter than when she was lactating!

  • My wife breast fed our kid until 7

  • Your wife is a sick attention wh0re who cares more about "being a mommy" than being your wife. Get used to this new reality.

  • Your wife is an idiot.

  • But did she touch him in an inappropriate manner and stimulate him like the OP?

  • What ever the feelings it's called child sexual abuse.

  • They love getting it rubbed, once it gets hard then I suck it

  • This is something a lot of stunt breastfeeders need to hear. If your kid can ASK for it, s/he's too old! How hard is that to conceptualize? You are using a kid to get your ya-yas, and it's sick. Males aren't the only pedos.

  • ^ THIS ^

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