Wife Photos Compromised

For years, I've been taking nude photos of my 43 year old wife Carole.
Carole is very pretty with smallish b******, great legs and butt and has rather plump lower lips.
The poses started out as being tasteful and artistic, but they graduated into raunchy, obscene poses with her blatantly showing everything explicitly. She went along with this even though the sessions were embarrassing to her because I convinced her that I deleted the memory card after each photo session. That's where the problem begins. I have a folder of all her naked photos hidden on our tower computer. Carole shares that computer with me but isn't savy enough to ever find that folder. She uses it mostly for sales charts and data for her job.
Two weeks ago I had to make a business trip to Oregon and was gone all week. Evidently, she did something wrong and the computer froze on her. She didn't want to worry me about the problem, so she asked a kid next door to fix it for her. Bryce is a 16 year old junior-to-be in high school and is a computer whiz. He came over and after a few minutes told her he'd have to take it to his place to fix it. She was fine with that as long as she could get it back before I got home.
He kept it for two days and returned it after having fixed it
The problem is, I have a way of knowing if that folder is ever opened, and it was. It's also possible that he downloaded all those hundreds of her lewd photos.
The šŸ’© could hit the fan if she ever finds out I've kept all those photos, and even worse if the kid has copies.
I need to come up with a way to approach Bryce about her folder. Any suggestions?

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  • Be subtle about it. Thank him for fixing the computer. Then ask him about a certain private folder and if he saw it

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