I thought I was perverted when I secretly showed nude photos of my young bride to my Fraternity Brothers in college.
But I eventually learned that Candaulism [look it up] is a common fetish.
Back in the 50's, naked crotch photos were rare. Kodak censored such photos.
I took to sending in naughty film for development, because it aroused me to know that strange men were seeing photos of my wife's naked c***, even though I never got them back..
Then I got a home development kit and printed my own photos. It was a thrill to show tasteful, "art" poses at my Fraternity.
Then I took my wife to a Frat party and she saw photos of herself on a bulleting board. At first, she was embarrassed and upset. But I assured her, it was just 'art" amd my Frat Bros appreciated and respected her. She figured, they've already seen her nude, so more doesn't matter. She gave permission to take more photos and share at the frat.
Then a h**** guy requested Full Frontal photos. My wife surprised me by agreeing. She had not only got over her embarrassment, but seemed to get aroused by the male attention. She posed and I shared many more photos of her full frontal nudity.
Female Exhibitionism ultimately became our life-long hobby.



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  • One problem here. Local photo labs did 90% of the developing in the 50s. Knew a guy who knew guy who worked at one. We worked at a store and many of our hot customers posed.

  • Are you saying, film processors would recognize local ladies whose nude photos they had viewed? That must have been fun and exciting. I would think ladies posing nude and processing locally, must have known local men would see them. Do you suppose they were Flashing on purpose? Interesting to speculate.

  • I would love to see her photos too. Please email me

  • I wish I could see her naked pictures. Send some to my email,

  • Me too...

  • My wife grew cold and distant. F*** her. and I did.

  • Sorry to hear that. It's a risk to expose one's spouse by stealth. King Candaulis was assassinated for it. I was lucky. I recommend getting approval first.

  • I would love to see her.

  • 35mm slides were good. They just went through the machine. I used to shoot some crappy stuff on the first few and last few and just one or two up skirts but digital so much better. Why o why am I so f***** up

  • It's not fouled up. Many men are proud of their wives and want to show them off. Candaulism has been around for centuries.

  • Where does she Exhibit now?

  • My young bride, Donna showed herself in many ways and places, but always discreetly so as not to offend innocent viewers. Early in her experimenting, we swam in Bozeman Hot Springs private resort. It was rustic then and the manager warned that teen boys poked peepholes into the ladies' dressing room faster than they could cover them. Best to close the curtain and use other booths. We figured since the boy want to peep, they won't be offended.
    So when I saw boys peeping from the men's side, I signaled Donna and she would go undress in those very booths. She admitted it excited her when she saw eyes peeping at her and she would show her naked t*** and p****.
    Fast Forward 15 years and we lived in Portland. During summer, we frequented the nude beach east of town. It's not arousing to show to other nudist, so while I sunned on our blanket, Donna would stroll & jog around the perimeter where the non-nude gawkers hung out.
    On the land side were the Mexican field workers ogling and playing pocket pool with their boners. Donna would jog close by with her t*** bouncing.
    On the river side, men would beach boats and watch the women. The beach was higher than the water and Donna often stopped to chat with her crotch at their eye-level. Flashing her t*** to truckers on I-5 was also fun.
    But if you're hoping to enjoy her charms, you're too late. Donna passed away 14 years ago. Sorry.

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