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Recently i had to go toanother state to see specialists while at the hospital i noticed a lady looking at me ,i know im not handsome not even close . Well i got called in to see the doc so i couldnt talk to her. Later that evening i was at the hotel i got bored so i went for a walk i came across a bar and it looked quiet and cozy im not much of a drinker so i went in found a quiet corner and ordered a drink while sitting there the same young lady from the hospital walked in and sat at a nearby table .I got up walked over and asked if i could join her for a drink she said i could .We talked a bit then she asked why i was at the hospital and if it was for the tumors i have that she could see, i explained to her what they are and that i have many more unseen ones .She then says sorry but do you even have then downthere ? I told her yes . She was very curious about that and asked ifvit hurts to have s**.I laughed and said no girl complained so i guess not. She must of got a kick out of that answer.We continued talking and soon it was closing time . I got up pulled her chair out for her helped her up and walked to the door with her.When we got to the door she asked where imvstaying at and if i need a ride. We walked to the car and I asked her if she would like to go for something to eat. She told me she needs to go because shes got early appointments in the morning . I told her i hope to see her later in the day.I kiss her hand and then start to walk to my hotel. I arrived at the hotel and who do i see but that lovely lady at the check out counter .I sneek up behind her and whisper are you here to see me ? She turns around gives me a big hug , i see a tear in her eye and ask whats wrong she doesnt say a word she just hugs me tighter and tighter .Then she says she doesnt want to be alone and can i come up to her room. I say i dont think its right im older then her dad. She then asks if i could just hold her until she falls asleep. I agree .Once in her bed i cant believe this lovely young lady is now cuddling me we soon fall asleep when i wake up i realized this was not a dreamm but a reality. When she woke up she kissed me dropped her nightgown and went for a shower after her shower it wad my turn i finished mine she walked in handed me some coffee gave am a kiss and started to dry me off she asked if it hurts when she touches the tumors i tell her some yes some no we get dressed and its off to the hospital . I still couldnt believe a young lady of 26 would treat a man of 60 this nice . Sure wish i was younger i found the perfect lady .well that was 3 monthes ago we have slept with each other a few times she says she only wants me and im scared that she will find someone younger .Am i wrong to feel this way? Ladies would you date a much older man

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  • Yes I would and have dated an older man. I find men my own age leave me wanting. They are ok for s** and that is about it. Sometimes they aren't even good for that. I'm 29 and my current lover is 54. He makes me feel alive and treats me so wonderful. He is very handsome though and very distinguished looking. I see people sometimes staring at us. But I don't care. He is a good lover and knows what to do to make me feel wonderful. I am very much in love with him. My girlfriend wants to know what I will do when I'm in my 30's and he is approaching 70. I told her that I will do what I'm doing now. Love him and love him well. You see when you love someone it doesn't really matter what their age is or what they look like. My advice is for you to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and just enjoy your time together. Trust me you will be fine.

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