Diaper Lover

I have a really strong desire to wear diapers and use them, I don't know when this occurred or why I have a desire towards them but I do, I have not been able to get any diapers because I worry I might get caught, don't know what to say to my parents without them thinking im a class A Weirdo Especially my father, I have such a bad relationship with him its unbelievable Im too scared to think how he would react if I came out and said something like that, I have even thought about wetting the bed on purpose so I can atleast wear goodnites to bed, but Im worried if my father will hold it against me and shame me which I don't want, I feel my mother would be more accepting but probably tell her friends because they are so close to her which is something I worry about too im lost and struggling i get really aroused thinking about them and my heart starts pumping, i don't know when i will be able to move out since i struggle with work due to severe social anxiety so its hard to be in a steady job and earn money to move out all i want is to wear diapers but im being held back.


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  • Unreadable.

  • When I was a Teenage boy I also loved diapers. I had two younger brothers who would charge their male friends money to change my diapers which we would split 50/50. After they removed my diapers I would get hard and my glans would poke out of my foreskin. Most boys would stare at me with my diaper off for close to 5 minutes, fascinated either by my full bush or my foreskin. Every now and then a boy would wipe me with a baby wipe until
    I would squirt! Such fond Memories!

  • When I reached puberty my mom bought me a pair of plastic pants and put them with a bottle of baby oil in my bedside draw. She said to me that would contain the mess. I used to wear them to bed almost every night and j*** off in them. In the morning I'd peel them off in the shower and rinse them. Then leave them to hang on the rail. When they were dry she'd put them back in my bedside draw. So not all parents shame you.

  • You can bet your father will shame you.

    I totally get the wet the bed thing. mind you I doubt if the goodnights will be as effective as you think. The dam things leak.

  • Sorry to hear about the bad relationships.

    I understand your desire I wear adult diapers and when I get stressed I wet myself. I also like to wear plastic pants with out diaper.

  • Do you want an older loving gentle male to change your diapers or give you a
    bath? I wish there was come way for us to connect!

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