Mexican married couple

We are a Mexican couple both raised in Los Angeles area. My wife and I married right out of high school. My wife was raised very conservative going to Catholic schools all her life, she is very pretty but also very shy. We both have only slept each other. I’ve been asking my wife to sleep with a black guy but she didn’t think she could go through with it. Finally a young black co worker named Dexter started flirting with her by telling her that she would love his big thick 9-1/2 inch c***. I told my wife to have s** with him. One day she met him early in the attorneys office wear she works before the other Secratary arrived. He quickly started kissing her and sucking on her neck. My wife told me she was nervous but that he was making her very h**** and she felt her p**** getting wet. He then quickly removed all my wife’s clothing an started sucking on her t*** while finger banging her. He then guided her head down to his c***. My wife said it was true and he did have big c***, my wife gave him bj. He then laid her down on a table and started f****** her fast and deep. My wife said she loved it and that it felt so good that she didn’t want it to end! He then turned her around and f***** her in the doggy position. She said the he lasted about 20 minutes before he asked her if could could c** in her p****. My wife told him she wanted his c** inside of her. With that he grunted and shot his load deep inside her. He then helped her get dressed. He then asked her if she was ok and how she was feeling? My wife told him that she had never had s** with anyone but me and that she never new what she was missing and how much of a difference a bigger c*** makes. She told him that she loved it. He then kissed her passionately for about 5 more minutes making her h**** again but they heard the other Secratary arriving so they had to stop. 5 years later they are now lovers and have s** at work or at a hotel because he is also married. My wife tells me everything that they do and I also clean her p**** after she has s** with him which i1 3-2 times a week.

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  • I’m starting to see more Mexicans sharing wives. It’s pretty hot considering how jealous Mexicans can be.

  • Send some pics of her taco full of black c**.


  • What a taco bending loser.

  • That’s right... that’s the name solely for white men “Cuckold”

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