My wife is sleeping around on me

I have been seeing signs for a while that my sexy wife is sleeping with someone else. She is 33 years old. Five foot seven inches, with green eyes, medium length light brown hair. Her breast are 47 DD. Lovely gorgeous round ass that won't quit. She has been like doing things that she normally doesn't do. Like a change in her clothes and being sneaky about her phone and messages. I have caught her in outright lies about who and where she has been going and seeing. She doesn't know that I know she it being deceitful. So I took off two days from work and I rented a car and I've been following her. Yes I got sneaky myself. I now have the proof. I bought a new long range lens for my digital camera.

I drove out like I was heading to work but I went and rented a car and got back to our street before she had left. Then I followed her out for the day. Nothing much going on the first day. She went to the gym and then shopping at a local strip mall. But the second day things got interesting. I watched as he met someone at a local coffee shop. I watched as she sat holding hands and even as they kissed. The only thing was it wasn't another man. It was a very sexy looking older woman. I was shocked by what I saw. Because if she sees two women holding hands or kissing she says how disgusting it is. I guess that was nothing but a smoke screen.

They eventually went to the woman's apartment and she was there for about two and a half hours. When she finally left her hair was totally wet. So she had to have taken a shower. Must have been some crazy hot lesbian s** they were having. Not sure what I will do with what I know now. The lying makes me really mad. I haven't been unfaithful to her. But I sure am thinking about it now. There is a hot looking younger woman at work who has been flirting with me. I think I might just keep what I know a secret and do some fooling around myself. T** for tat. When she kisses me I can't help but think about what she must me doing. But what difference does it make whether it is a man or a woman she is fooling around with. It's all cheating. I'm glad I found out though. Cause now my outlook has changed totally.

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  • It sounds like she has you by the b****. She has backed you into a corner and is daring you to go along with things or get lost. The ball is in your court, you have to decide if you want your own life or tag alone with her and her lifestyle.

  • My wife has decided to leave me for her lover stating she just doesn't love me anymore. I don't hate her. I still love her and if she's not happy then I guess this is best. But I don't think she will truly be happy in her new situation. Cause no matter who she is with she will still be unhappy. I wish her all the best. Going to miss her a lot. At least I get to keep the pooch. Her lover is allergic to dogs.

  • She clearly doesn't care about your marriage. Her answer to you when you confronted her was to tell you how many people she had s** with and how she did her cheating for some time. She threw it all in your face, well now you know, how does feel ? Question is what do you do ? Do you agree to her terms and surrender ? Do you tell her to go to h*** and break up, or do you get even and go your own way behind her back as she did to you ? What will you do ?

  • She can have her fun and I am going to do the same thing. The h*** with it.

  • So you will be looking for revenge s**? Sooner or later you will find someone to be with, with any luck you will find someone who cares for you, good luck.

  • Your woman is a 47DD and she goes to the gym? That's a BIG woman to be going to the gym. May want to check your numbers next time you pull them out of your ass on a fake story.

  • Plenty of big people go to the gym. I see them all the time. Both men and women. Yesterday while I was walking around I saw to black women holding hands. One was pretty fit and the other one had a few pounds on her and huge t***. I figured whatever rocks your boat. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have seen several ladies that had a few pounds on them I would have f***** the s*** out of them in a heart beat. Oh by the way I'm very fit and athletic at 6 ft 1 and weight 190 lbs. But I sure would put my c*** into women who are a few pounds over weight.

  • I decided to confront her and tell her I know what she's been doing. She said that she is glad I know. Then she told me that she has f***** the neighbor boy who lives behind us. He is 21 and a college student. But that's not all. She confessed to f****** the husband of a friend of hers. I'm really shocked and didn't expect this. She told me that she enjoys s** and one man or woman can't fulfill her needs entirely on their own. She said that she hoped I could understand and that she loves me still but needs more. I told her I wanted to f*** her brains out and so we stripped each other naked and f***** all night long. The s** was so great. I asked her to tell me about her other lovers. The young college guy she said had a 8 inch c*** and sexy round ass that she can't get enough of. The husband of the friend is a black guy and his c*** is only 7 inches but super fat. I asked if she wanted to maybe have a threesome and she said no. She prefers one at a time. I told her this makes me a cuckold and she laughed saying she has been doing that to me for years and I had no idea. She said she was glad that I caught her and now it's all in the open. She hopes I won't divorce her but embrace the lifestyle she enjoys. She also encouraged me to find someone to f*** on the side if I wanted. I found I was more excited by her dirty deeds than I was angry. I wouldn't mind watching but was told no.

  • She really doesn't give a damn about your relationship. she has made it plain she is going to keep playing around no matter what you think or how you feel.
    You need to get your head straight and live as she is doing. I don't mean f*** every thing that has pants on , no, you need to find yourself first.
    You need to decide if you want to stay with her or not, once you have decided that you can move ahead with your life.
    Your marriage as you have known it is over , never to return. Let us know what you decide.

  • If I were you I would s**** my brains out, but don't tell her anything. Keep her out of the loop, let her wonder whats going on.

  • My advice is to f*** that hot woman at your work and erase all traces, so she won't be suspicious. She's doing it anyway, probably with men and women.

  • With the physical assets of your wife that you have described, it is quite obvious that she will f*** around, and it is also possible that you cannot properly satisfy her sexual needs! F*** her well or develop a 3 or 4 some partners for you both.

  • Give her one more chance to correct her mistakes.

  • Don’t cheat. You’ll lose your leverage. Tell her that you know and that you’ll await her solution to the problem. If she leaves you then she won’t get your s*** unless you cheat to. If it’s simply asking for forgiveness tell her it’s not enough. She owes you or you’re done. Maybe she’ll include you in on the lesbian relationship

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