Attracted to 12 - 16 year old girls :/

I don’t know why but underage girls turn me on. I dont think I could ever bring myself to have s** with one but the fantasy is always there. I fantasize about a woman my age-ish (37) being into it too and her coaching the girl through it. Am I alone in this? It makes me feel horribly guilty, like a monster but I can’t help but be turned on by it.



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  • I share your fantasy and I am in my 50's. I find girls from 11 years old and up sexually attractive but like you I keep it as a fantasy. I am getting really excited typing this message BTW :-). would love to share fantasies with you X

  • Joel, I have the same feelings. Hit me up and we can chat

  • 13 year olds turn me on. Such a perfect age.

  • Me too

  • Snapchat ddlgdaddy31

  • Can i have somebody's e-mail address so we can talk?



  • Yh f*** yes x i obbsessed with pedo

  • Kind of apprehensive to give you that. I’d like to but who’s to say you don’t just wanna kill me over my confession? A lot of people don’t understand

  • Were on the same page, just a fantasy.
    Contact me

  • I can teach you both how to get the girls you want!!

  • And how might that be?

  • I am doing two 12 yo there is a knack

  • Mmmmm love u soo much xxxx

  • Do tell? Would you rather discuss in private?

  • No I'm fine with it, let's start what's the best way I can help you?

  • I’m really not sure? I don’t k ow if I’d actually follow through with it but how exactly do I get to have s** with a 12 year old?

  • Since you’re the expert

  • Well then, enlighten me.
    I never claimed to be an expert of any kind

  • Mate i am in the same position as you. I have even tried to find underage p*** websites but it is so difficult now

  • Mm i know some really naughty underage girls sites i love to watch u in comment above x

  • Message me at

  • I have the same fantasy. Like you it is only fantasy as I do manage to control my urges. I first had the fantasy in my 20's and thought as I got older the desire would lessen but it hasnt.

    I am sure it is more common then many think if men were honest like us. I have never met or chatted with a like minded guy about it, but I can imagine that would be a really nice expeience and relief from my secret fantasy.

    Be good and thanks for sharing.

  • Nothing wrong with thinking about little girls, most men do but just won't admit it

  • I had this neighbor girl aged 4 years sit on my lap and my c*** was hard rocking under my shorts. I know she felt the bulge but enjoyed sitting on my and I gave her Sweet to eat which she enjoyed. I could touch her because she is too talkative and could spill the beans. That night I jerked for her.

  • F***** f*** her get her very tiny toddler girls legs fidgeting all over your throbbing squirting soo much perverted pedo strimgy pre c** loads because she so hot and her lil girls voice is more than enoth for pedo to w*** over

  • Yes 4 is getting a bit risky, 2 is nice they can't tell and the p**** is real nice

  • It perfectly normal they give of pheromones that are extremely potent and this also happens in much olfer women, which why most men prefer older and younger.

    They have also became sexually active, nature decides not law!!

  • It's because it's forbidden fruit

  • Not for me i am obbsessed with lil cute toddlers and very lil girs mmm i get instant pre cumin perverted c*** erect because a lil girl posed or saying pervy things i wanna get caugjt wanling over p***

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