Girlfriend saw me get spanked

So I am 24 yrs old l, male and still living at home. I have confessed on here before but I am still given a curfew and even grounded and spanked.
So today my girlfriend was round and my mom came home and he found out I got caught speeding in her car. I asked her not to spank me until my gf had gone and when I turned round my gf had hear the whole conversation !!
My mom said no point waiting and put me over her knee there and then !!
Now my gf thinks it's funny and said she ll tell mom when ever I deserve one !!

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  • Why did my girlfriend have to post on here !!

  • Because your a stupid boy who still gets his ass whooped

  • It's so humiliating that my girlfriend knows !! I cannot win any discussion now when ever I saying anything she is like "I watched you get your bare bum spanked over your mommies knee " !!!

  • It's true sweetie, it was so funny. Why don't you tell everyone here how you cried Billy?
    You were howling and promising to be "a good boy" hahah. Then that cute little dance you were doing rubbing your bum until she smacked your legs ! I hope I am there for the next one xx

  • Do not worry. Soon, your mom and girlfriend will start to argue, fight and spank each other. That's why your GF liked it. She is a fighter by nature...Same is your mom too. So you will need a beer and popcorn to enjoy the view of them fighting

  • Not gunna happen honey !! Me and BIllys mom get on fine x

  • Don't be so sure. Get prepared if you don't want to be spanked too. You can get that old b****

  • Sorr butt never did anyone any harm

  • I'm a 28 year old woman still living at home. My general life long bad additude has made my Daddy to still spank me bare ass almost every day.

    It also lead to Daddy and I having s** after my spanking each time, since I was 15.

    I love being bad, as I know Daddy will f*** me really good. His c*** is huge and is a machine in bed.

  • Wish i could see how he destroys u every fkng day...well u deserve that bit

  • Hello every one just to let you know that Billy is not meant to be on line laughing with you all about his speeding. 24 is not too old to go over my knee and it's not too old to get the switch across his bare bottom.
    His mom

  • Make him update us all on his punishments

  • Do ur girl the same and ask her how does that feel

  • Ha I wouldn't dare

  • Omg u dont even puss her 😳

  • It was bare bum

  • Lol

  • Your never too old to b spanked over mummy knee

  • I must be I am 24 !!

  • Not if u act like a child

  • But she pulled my pants down !!

  • And it really stung

  • Really

  • Yes it really happened !! :(

  • Yes I talk with her!!

  • Your mom shouldn't be doing this put her on and I will talk with her!

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