Mackenzie Ziegler is white privilege

This f****** stupid ass b**** that got famous off of a leech screaming in her face, is now f****** white af. She owns everything a white girl would own like that f****** thing that was popular for 2 seconds and legit she doesn't know where Indonesia is so I'm f****** triggered.

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  • Why do you care? White people have been racist to us for approximately 300 years. And when I'm racist for 2 minutes I get criticized. I just love this world! Its the best!

  • I get it your own people sold you out

  • I am not my ancestors and I have never be racist. So stop b******* about what I haven't done and stop being a f****** hypocrite!

  • Sorry

  • What the f*** is white privilege? Don't you know that makes you racist?

  • ^THANK YOU!^ Anybody who makes generalizations based on other people's skin color is racist, end of.

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