The Hand of Hanity

Hanity took over my collar from Master Carlsin and began serving in the Fox Station as a security guard on paper but mostly my job was to prepare black guests in the room referred to as the middle-passage. There I would tie and suspend theblack pundits who were having doubts about backing the Fox Propaganda that called their blackness into question. Hanity would come in and if i had not brought the boys and negro girls to shaking messes (which i could rarely bring myself to) then Massa Hanity would string me up in a predicament bondage between my b**** and my n***** neck. He would then make a mess of all of us n******. I would often c** form the tension of the rope on my growing erection with each lashing the site of Mr. hanity's pale barefeet contrasting with his on air pants drove all of our arousals to the brink. The one thing that would send me over the edge is when Massa Hanity would spit in his hand and slap it onto my brown face as hard as he could. he only did this when he was frustrated from the lack of enthusiasm us boys had despite the encouragement the Man gave us. The Man would say, "No n***** you know this is gonna hurt my handjust as much as it hurts your monkey face.." he'd give two gentle mob style slaps with his Pure White Hand on my brown cheeks and i'd give a docile smile and my monkey tail would spring to attention, then SMACK!!!! before I could feel the ringing thud and hear the pop echo throughout the passage my c*** would shoot and set of a star spangled splooge of eager n*****-sperm fireworks from every black republican in the room. Often the other boys just observing in the room would c** from the site of my explosion. One I c** i am released which just results in my crawling for the Man's Superior White Feet like a hawaiian chimp running from a volcanoe for dear life. He doesnt let me coat his feet like i do at the cocktail parties because it makes it take too long for me to get his shoes on His Feet before we go on air. SOmetimes Massa Hanity will stand his foot on my head to show dominance. I will turn my head to the side and place my cheek on the floor to encourage it sometimes it works. He places his cold clamy veiny pale White Foot pressed into my brown face and steadily firmly presses it into the floor. my erection begin tossing my c*** up and down form the surge of blood and if the wind blows in my direction i splooge again as the other n****** look on still bound hanging there. He does this to send the message home before releasign them to their green rooms to clean up and put on their best minstruel smiles. If im lucky Ms. Tomi comes in early and likes to practice reading her final thoughts to me in that room she think the echo makes her sound like she's giving a national address. She also like that I give her honest feedback thanks to being in the nude all the best parts make my c*** c*** spring to attention, then she knows she's done her job. If Tomi isn't there then I have to crawl out of the room nude and no longer aroused on Master Hanity's leash to hsi green room to prep and dress His Superior White Feet polish his Shoes and handle any last minute toilet n***** duties. I wouldn't mind but he usually leaves the door open because he's in a hurry and then all the other Betters in the studio wanna use the toilet boy too smh. That always feels like s*** because i came twice and am no longer aroused it's just purely a reminder that i am trash here to serve the Superior Whims of my Betters. Sometimes I bump into Mr. Carlsin but he just kind of grimaces and keeps walking. I feel bad that i didn't serve his feet well enough to earn His Approval but i wont fail Mr. Hanity maybe i'll get to see my wife at the next even if Mr.Carlsin bring her. But for now i need to focus on getting promoted to ball-duty which will allow for eye-contact with His Superior Ankles and verbal acknowledgement of compliance. I can't wait to say Yes massa thankYou Massa i've been practicing!

Feb 21, 2020


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  • Simply pathetic!

  • Yer a retared dum bas-stard am so th handity yu wriet abot is to also all foxtards ar jusass dum as shoesheet from a dog. Am i bet hew can eveen reed this like yu talk.

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