Fantasize about wife being with other men

I have been fantasizing about my wife being with other men for years now. She is Asian, 5'6", 115 lbs, small breast, dark nip***, sometimes all shaved, and tight. She is quite conservative so it is hard to talk to her about my fantasies. Sometimes, I indirectly say something or hint something.

I have this fantasy of her being in a public place like a gym or a club surrounded by men. They will approach her, dance with her and touch her. They would give her some drinks and she would be feeling tips and dizzy. She would feel soft and relaxed. The guys would continue to touch her and softly kiss her then they would take her somewhere more private and take her clothes off. She would not resist much as she would start feeling aroused. They would shift to heavy petting and kissing her priv*** p***. She would start moaning and getting w***. She would be presented with one's c***, which she will work on. They will use and abuse her b***.

What do you think about it? What should I do to talk more openly about this with her?

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  • Tell her: "Honey, you would not believe the dream I had last night..." :)

  • Take her to an upscale bar where older attractive men hang out.
    These guys are looking for the same thing
    You can’t be afraid to getting used to telling them what you are looking for
    I take my wife to upscale sports bar and she sees a young guy she’s hot over and starts chatting up with him
    She’s given so many b******* in car while I watched and j****** to
    Sometimes she will let him f*** her if his c*** is really nice

  • I have shown my wife big c*** videos and have also commented how it will be if that big c*** was in your p****. She just kept quiet and after some thought of having some internal pleasure of feeling herself of having such a big c*** inside her p**** and mouth told 'No' it will hurt and your size c*** is OK for her. Mine is only 4.5 inch when erect just one of her palm length and I have to struggle to put insider her p****. She must have thought not to hurt my feelings. But she was not taking off her eyes from that big c*** p*** star's long property. Thereafter whenever showing p*** I used show only small c*** videos.

  • Just tell her a much bigger c*** would feel soooo much better in her. And that your little c*** will never be able to get the job done

  • This is easy to make happen actually. I have done this many times with married women. Usually while working with the husband. Email me blackanthony56 at yah00 com

  • I can share her pics if you can comment about her body, what would do to her and how can I turn my fantasy into reality

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