I'm getting fat

I'm a middle aged man who tries to keep in shape and eat well, but I've definitely put on a few pounds over the past few years and am much softer around my waist and chest than I used to be.

The thing is, I really like it. I'm not going to go out of my way to gain or anything, but sometimes I like to feel how soft my body has gotten and will often play with my belly fat while I sit on the couch. As I said, I eat reasonably well, but once a week or so I let myself eat something fattening. I like to think of all those extra calories making me softer and fatter.

I honestly don't want to become obese and I want to keep exercising and eating right for other health reasons, but I love my thick layer of fat and I don't want to get rid of it.

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  • Me Too! I'm like 5ft5.5in. yeah short and I way 195lbs. My husband says he loves my ass and t***. Well he won't leave me alone so I guess he is telling the truth. I caught him looking at p*** and it was women my size he was spanking it to. I have tried to loose weight but nothing works. I was 115 Lbs my senior year in HS. I mean WTF! What happened to me. I guess 4 babies didn't help anything. After my 4th it seemed to stay on. Not fair. Oh well at least hubby still wants me.

  • 5'5" #195 is a perfect "more cushion for the pushin" size. I wouldn't leave you alone either. None of us are in high school any more. Love and take care of each other and your growing family.

  • Better start buying diet pills and a gym membership, please do it for your own good , I dislike fat people , don’t degrade your self and get in shape and exercise, you will feel better about your self , it’s never too late to give up on your self being overweight, you can lose the weight bit by bit and you can take baby steps in changing your life choices and eating right and getting in good shape for your self , and resting up good for your self , please try to lose weight for your own good , I know fat people think the world is against them 24/7 , but we are not , please help your self by losing the weight and gaining back your dignity bit by bit .

  • I dislike people who have a spastic relationship with punctuation. I know illiterates think the world (at least that part that can write properly) think the world is against them 24/7, but we're just CONCERNED for these poor stupid wastes of humanity who can't communicate worth a wet fart.

    I'm CONCERNED for you. So in order to stop offending me, you need to never touch a keyboard again until you know how to use basic English, you f****** loser!! Please help yourself so we don't have to keep showing our CONCERN over your lack of fundamental communication skills.

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