Swallow and take multiple loads each day

I'm 17 year old and in June started working my first job.

A week after I started the job the 2 owners who are brothers asked me to work after the store closed. We were alone in the back storeroom and they got really close. One is about 35 and the other 37 both is so good looking and built.

There was a couch behind me. They started kissing my neck, I asked them to stop, and did they know I'm a boy. They said, Yes, but I was a boy with lips and an ass like a girl. The older one said Your mouth wants c***. I back away, but then he took out his c***. It is HUGE, 9 inches and thick. His brother was the same.

Suck it, No I said please I'm a virgin I never have been with anyone. He came close and took my hand as made me hold it. Then his brother did the same.

I was so scared, they push me down on the couch sit at d*** level. The both pressed their c**** to my lips. I was crying by then, Please I don't want to.i felt a hand pulled my head forward, No No stop. Then his c*** slipped between my lips. The he pulled our and his brothers went in.

They guided my head back and forth, then let go and I kept sucking. I didn't want this. 5 minutes later he came in my mouth and made me swallow. Then his brother was in my mouth and he came.

I knew you want c** and c***. Your job now is to suck our c**** at work,

I felt so used, then they said take off your clothes. No please I'm a boy. I don't want you touching me. He pulled me to him and stripped me he was to strong.

There on the couch I was naked and they started kissing my body, the older one made we lick his fingers, then he turned me over and began fingering my ass.

I started getting hard, and then a few minutes later came from it. I was so ashamed, I came from what he did to my ass. He must be right I thought I'm gay and want c***.

2 months have past now, I get $1,000 to be their play thing. They are always hard and each can c** 7 or 8 times a day.

I my ass drips from all the c** they dumps in me. I swallow 6 loads a day at least. My stomach ache from all the c** I swallowed. My ass is so sore from a*** s**.

I hate being gay and c****** as they ass f***.

Aug 17, 2019

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  • I had a similar experience suggested but made them wait til I decided. One night with plenty of booze and opportunity I let a boss type use me. I was captivated from the start and realized how much power I actually had by submitting. A lot of men have what I call "testosterone poisoning" and I had the sissy cd cure. I've built a network of "boyfriends" who use me and contribute to my care and maintenance. I'm more attractive and more willing than their boring wives. I've never asked for money but live like a gold digger and am well taken care of always. My life is not for everyone but as for me, I feel as powerful as Wonder Woman and I love and understand all my men. The work ain't hard and I am happy.

  • I have an update on my experience.

    Ever since I freely started dressing in girls clothes. They have been f****** me constantly.

    This month (October) they got me and apartment and I don't have to work. They stay over most nights now and they have made me their wife.

    They made me grow my hair it really long now and it is styled. I have long manicured nails and wear make up.
    I have only girls clothes and heels and they love how I look.

    They have been taking me out for dinners and clubs. No one realizes I'm a boy.

    They f*** me and I blow them every where. In the car, at work, in public. On Saturday I got drunk at the club and blew them both while people watched.

    They have made me fall in love with them and being a sissy. The s** is rough but I now want and needed.

    I know it crazy but I want b**** now so i can be a hot 18 year old sissy.

  • You are not different, they all resist to start but once they get a c*** to suck they love it, little boys and girls all want to suck and f***

  • You're right. at least that's how it was for me. I wiggled and squirmed underneath the h**** 15 year old boy who was trying to pop my cute little 9 year olds @as. I thought my underpants that I still had on were a safety from anything that required nudity but was I wrong once they got yanked aside. Of course he had to brag about it too, and his friends were all over the smooth freshly tight newbie me. Within a short time I was liking all the attention I was getting.

  • The last job I had before I retired, I sucked the boss off a couple times a week , and sometimes he would have me come to the office to suck off salesmen and some of his friends. I didn't mind, I needed the job. H*** of a way for a man to end his career. I still stop in and blow him occasionally.

  • My wife told me a story her Senior year where guys would come in the store and drool looking at her. She has one of the roundest perfect a**** ever. She told me her black boss made a comment about her making those boys check her out.
    One day she said he couldn’t take it anymore.. took her to the back and pushed her on her knees and unzipped his c***. He told her not to waste time with those little boys and see what a real man has. She said he was enormous and after sucking him for a little he bent her over and shoved his huge bare c*** in her.She said she never felt anything stretch her like him, it hurt but felt very good also. She had never been f***** long enough to make her c** and she did several times. This happened most the summer and she was always looking forward to him taking her back.
    This was what turned her into liking black guys in College

  • My boyfriend is really cute and we're both kinda bi. I picked him up after work at a big box store and he was acting funny. It turns out that he's been putting out for his supervisor nightly. His cute little bottom in tighty-whitey skimpy pants only looks virginal fresh when it's actually freshly f**led! It is kinda hot getting in his c**med up boy panties and can he take a c*ck like it's gonna be his last! )!(

  • I started my first part time job this last summer and the night manager makes me s*ck him. He's been fu**ing me for three weeks now and it's okay I guess except that his c*m leaks into my underpants and I have to work the rest of my shift like that.

  • You are lucky to have two c**** to play with, i'm in and wish I could be in your place. you should meet us all and we can all have fun

  • You are lucky. I wish it was me

  • Ahh up the ass is very convienient for my dom. there are times when he satisfies himself quickly and I have to shove some toilet paper up there and in my crack to stop the leakage. mind you he also has me kneel and suck too

  • Plus I would love it if two 9 inch c**** were at my disposal

  • And your story made me hard as f***

  • I need a little b**** like you

  • Very nice, want to suck mine too?

  • Are you hung. Ill suck u if u r.

  • No. I don't want to be gay. Why am I c****** from being ass f*****. Why does it feel so good There must be something wrong with me.

    This week they started making me wear a bra and panties and lip stick. I don't want to be a girl.

  • Please wear panties. I want yours

  • I like it, wearing panties and a camisole for other boys they think it's really cute.

  • Please wear girls pink panties and a cute school skirt

  • I want to see your panties

  • Too late. You already are. Or you wouldn't be going to work and being their s** toy every day.

    Deep down you are a sissy bottom, who loves her masters.

  • Sounds like deep down U got where U looked forward to the action. Why U take it one step futher get interest in doing 3 way and bet they will go for that then will real fun. By the U need start wear a thong or tight panties hose and heels might as well enjoy the action💋💋

  • F*** me

  • I feel so disgusted but finally sexually satisfied.

    A week after they started making me dress up, I sat in my older bosses lap and gave him a lap dance. I was the one who came as his c*** rubbed against my silk panties.

    I wear full makeup now, and want them to treat me like a girl. Why do I take their c**** out on my own and suck them.

    I do it in my own now. I hate that I want c** in my mouth so badly.

    I want them in me all the time. I feel I love them both.

  • I was too young and shy to buy panties so I'd shoplift them. I was caught by the two security guards who took advantage of my being so young and a sissy. I lost my virginity to those two guys and really became quite the cute little boy s*** from it all.

  • You can see my panties

  • I was 15 teen when two men caught me in the store too me to the back room found the stuff I stole .Ask if I wanted them to call the police said no told to get on my knee open my mouth next thing one put his c*** in my mouth said suck which I did till he .c** in my mouth .The our one got my pant off and he f*** me bareback and c** in me after that day I got f*** most night

  • Do you want me to stuff my very young 11 in c*** up you call me

  • Why not...never even seen one that big?

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