Bachelorette Party

I had just finished college and Mark and had been dating for almost two years now and we had planned on getting married after we graduated.
this happened 5 years ago today the night before we married.
Mark and both come from well to do Family's and we are both now in apposition to follow in their footsteps .
Both Mark and I have been popular in school to and made friends in our circle that have much the same background as we do so I knew well in advance a Bachelorette party was in store for me and all of me friends took it seriously planning but keeping me in the dark even Shirly my best friend wouldn't tell me what their plan was so she would just smile at me when I asked.
The big night arrived and Mark was also going through much the same as I was as his friends whisked him off joyously.
I was kind of antsy until Shirley and Doris to of my closest friends picked me up and warned mon that I probably wouldn't be home that night and Mom sternly warned no drinking and driving now then she kissed me and said have fun baby as I walked out feeling a little wild and free going into what I didn't know but it was exciting as we went to a steak house for dinner where several more of my friends were waiting for us and we ate with a large bottle of wine center table and they all toasted to me laughing and it was infectious and I felt wild looking around for the surprise but nothing so far.
After dinner we went and drove around for a short time up by Marine World laughing and talking about what our future held for us then Diane pulled into a community center where a dozen cars were parked and I was helped out god they went to a lot of expense for me and my insides were doing back flips now as I was guided up to the door and I was offered a shot or wild turkey and told to drink it before entering.
I laughingly did and it was very sweet almost to sweet but my body felt inflamed I was laughing as I was guided to a chair that was on an elevated platform about two feet higher that the floor and was covered with a red velvet blanket and I was getting tipsy by now to and I looked around feeling like a Queen with all my friends around me laughing and carrying on then there was this huge T V screen and Lorette put a movie in the player and to applause the movie started and it was p*** a white girl with several very well hung black guys and we all started to clap and laugh as they began to undress her and I was handed another drink we watched the movie and these guys were all having their way with that gal and I am not one to get off on p*** but I felt so wild tonight with all of my closest friends with me then a commotion started in the back of our room and I looked back as three black men were welcomed and they were let into a room I was a little drunk by now and paid little attention until I heard hysterical laughter and clapping behind me and I turned a little to fast and the room swam in front of me then focused these three black men were nude except for a loin cloth and music began to play as the men started to dance making their way up to me as I watched these guys were very attractive almost no body hair and they almost glistened it looked like they had all rubbed down with a body oil and it took my breath away as they started at first to dance in a circle around me wiggling their hips and boldly looking me over I was very excited not knowing what was going to happen but I knew that I would do whatever was asked of me now I was ready then one by one they all stepped up on the raised podium around me and I could hear my friends laughing and chanting take it off take it off then the first guy untied his loin cloth and let his c*** fall out and it looked huge hanging there then the second and third guys did the same giving me a look at what they had to offer and I stared boldly at their c**** still now sure what was going to happen but I felt bold and wild as the guys started to dance again wiggling their hips and their c**** sung from side to side and up and down and I was laughing and loving it the room felt hot and now and I knew that I shouldn't drink anything more but when a drink was offered I drank it watching these guys c**** swing for me then one guy stepped up in front of me and offered his c*** to me but I shied back not sure if I was ready now but someone appeared with a can of whipped cream and sprayed a glob onto his c*** head and the girls started again chanting go for it go for it.
I leaned forward and licked some of it off his c*** and I tasted him a slightly iron flavor then he grabbed my head and pulled me forward and had several inches of his c*** in my mouth now and the girls were stamping their feet now cheering me and yelling go for it go for more of his c*** disappeared into my mouth I could feel his c*** head trying to stretch my throat open and now I was swallowing unable to stop and his whole c*** was in my mouth now as he f***** my face then I felt hands grabbing my legs and pulling them up my skirt had risen above my ass now and me blouse was also open then I felt another guy forcing his c*** into me and I was grunting not sure if I should fight or just relax but I could see that fighting was a loosing battle so I just kind of relaxed I had to breath through my nose but that was all I don't know how long this went on but the first guy came in my mouth and moved back and I watched the guy in front of me and I looked down at his c*** as he f***** me with my legs dropped over the arms of my throne.
All of the girls were cheering me on now and at last I felt my body begin to respond and my o***** strong in intensity as this long c*** pumped inside of me then I was over the top with loud cheers of excitement then I watched and felt his c*** pulse when he came to nd stood there with a grimace on his face as he came then the third guy moved into position and added his sperm to
I don't remember much after that except having to be helped out and I spent the night with .
Neither Mark or I talked much about our partys but I sometimes like today remember them fondly.

Aug 18, 2019

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  • As hot as this is... who actually forces the bride-to-be to have an unprotected gang bang with strangers? Better yet, why do these strippers go bareback with a women they don't know? I'm a husband with a hot wife I have no problem sharing, I just wouldn't be happy with the details of THIS type of sharing. Glad she enjoyed it though!

  • These dancers are tested weekly for transmittable disease.
    and I was not forced I was just having a good time before I was married.

  • F*** that is hot

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