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At least 2 or 3 nights a week I used to stay at my girlfriends house and usually 1 or 2 nights during the week when I was on the 4 to midnight shift which is one week per month. Its been over a month now that my girlfriend found pictures of me on her youngest daughters I-phone. Those mornings I'm still sleeping when my girlfriend goes to work. Her oldest daughter, son and Amy are still home. Most of the time I am naked and sleep that way with my girlfriend. I came to find out Amy who is only 13 years old had dozens of pictures of me naked in bed. She obviously has been doing this for a long time. My girlfriend naturally was furious with her but Amy also showed them to many of her friends who I have seen often at the house. I haven't been back there since and am to embarrassed to see Amy or any of her friends that might be there. She took close up pictures of my genitals but there were also many showing my face. My girlfriend wants me to come over to have Amy apologize but it is to late for that. I still see my girlfriend but only on weekends and never at her house.

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