Which ones worse?

I'm such a moron that both these things happened to me...
First, I have a huge crush on my instructor. BUT, of course, I'll never say anything because 1- it's against school policy & 2- I'm 100% sure he'd turn me down. (He's a happily married father of two so it be super wrong & I'd feel super guilty). It's just so hard to accept it's never going to happen & I have no chance.

Then last year in the cafeteria, I saw this guy who was absolutely gorgeous & I couldn't stop thinking about him. But, as the time passed, I forgot what he looked like & improvised with my imagination... In fact, I daydreamed & gave him his own personality too. But, when I saw him again I realized that he barely looks/acts as I imagined. I can't believe that I've made myself fall in love with someone so impossible because he doesn't even exist!

So tell me, which is worse: not being able to be with someone because they are taken/have absolutely no interest whatsoever in you OR because they don't really exist?

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  • The second one...but, I bet your instructor would be more open to your advances than you think. Try him and see ;)

  • Both situations suck, but the best way to get over them? Find someone else....plenty plenty of attractive men in the world, honey. Keep your eyes open to find beauty and you will end the pity party of one and forget about what you can't have.

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