Family Vacation

When I was in my late teens my family went on a vacation to Lake Powell with two other families who were close friends with us. We all split the cost of a large houseboat rental for the week.

During the day it was very hot so we all spent most of the time in the water but in the evenings the grownups sat on the top deck where they drank and talked while the younger crowd watched movies in the main salon.
One night it was getting late and the kids were sent to bed, but because I was older so I was allowed to sit up awhile longer so I could read a book that I had brought along. Time passed and it grew quite late so I decided to put away my book. It was still pretty hot so before going to bed I decided to go outside on the deck for some cooler air. When I got outside I heard a couple of voices on the upper deck talking.

“She's had way too much to drink. She's out for the night,” I recognized the voice, it was my dad's best friend Rodger.
Then I heard my father's voice say, “I don't think we can get her down the ladder very easily”.
“I think we can leave her up here, it's pretty warm out and she' in a comfortable lounge,” Rodger said.
They put a beach towel over her and went down the ladder and to their cabins.
I walked along the length of the boat and climbed up the ladder to the top deck. I quietly walked up to the woman who was passed out in the lounge chair and saw it was Rodgers wife as I suspected. Jill was about 41 and had a great body with great t***. I slowly pulled back the towel and got a good look at her in the moonlight. She was wearing a button up blouse and bikini bottoms. By this time I was trembling with excitement and l*** at the prospect of touching her without her knowing what I did. She was laying on her side facing me so I knelt down next to her and fondled one of her t***. They were nice and firm just as I imagined they would be. As I felt her I noticed she was not wearing a bra, I was so turned on by this discovery that hands began to tremble. I unbuttoned her blouse and beheld the sight of her beautiful pair. During all my exploration of Jill's body she never woke, but I decided that I had pressed my luck far enough so I buttoned her blouse and got up to leave. Just as I stood to leave I was overcome with a powerful urge. My hard c*** began to throb and I knew what I needed to do. I moved to the other side of her and knelt back down and looked at her beautiful a**. I used my finger to slide the narrow material of her bikini aside and slid my finger inside her p****. It was wet and warm and very inviting. In a second I had my hard c*** out and rubbed it along her slit. Her wetness coated my shaft as I slid it back and forth until the head of my c*** came up to her opening. I paused for a moment then gently slid it into her warm h***. After a few strokes I had it buried deep in her sweet p****. I remember looking up at the stars as I pumped in and out of her and thought “how lucky am I?”.
After I emptied my load into her I was still hard and she hadn't moved so I kept pumping a little more forcefully in and out of her. The raw l*** that I experienced from being inside of her made me shoot a second load into her.
After that I covered her up and went off to bed. I didn't really sleep at all that night. All I could do was think about how great it was so be inside of Jill.
Years later I married her daughter, so Jill is now my mother in law.

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  • While I can't speak for all women but I do know a few drinks gets me wet down there.

  • Well that's a joke of a lie HAHAHA. Women aren't wet when they aren't aroused f**. You'd have to have used spit. Try again next time by killing yourself.

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    I’ve f***** a girl who was passed out before. Best feeling being inside of a woman who is passed out

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