The worst

When I was 13 in grade school there was a baseball diamond out behind the school right next to a thick stand of pine trees.
I wasn't that good at sports so I didn't play very often, but I was out there one time .... I think it was after a half day of school or something. I remember it was earlier in the day and we didn't have to go back in. Anyway, I was just kind of standing there watching when this older kid, who was kind of a j*** to me most of the time, kept asking me to play. I thought he was trying to be nice for some reason so I joined in.
Up at bat I hit the ball and it gave me a base hit. But I was kind of an awkward kid and it seemed like I was always doing something kind of clumbsy and stupid. When I hit first base and stopped, I stopped with my toe on the base, sort of pointed down. I guess from his vantage point it was a femmy pose, and honestly, when he called my attention to it, that's how it felt. I remember feeling really stupid. He yelled out my name and said "Woah! Sexy!" and the whole field of kids looked at me and laughed.
Well, I guess I must have looked at him wrong or something and he came over and picked a fight with me.
I'm sure I weighed well less than a hundred pounds at 13 and I wasn't a scrappy kid, so I didn't stand a chance against this j*** and he started shoving me around. He shoved me down on the ground, and by then there were quite a few kids standing around. A few of them were buddies that I saw him hanging with a lot and the rest were just older kids I had seen about school from other classes, most of who I didn't know very well.
Anyway, finally he grabbed me up under my arms with one of his friends joining in and I remember another yelling "let's do it!" and a few others laughing.
They dragged me around behind the backstop and into the pine trees and started pulling my clothes off.
I remember there were three of them.
I was kicking and squirming and trying as hard as I could but I couldn't get away. I felt this growing panic as I realized what they were gonna do, and my clothes kept coming off. Shoes,one by one, pantlegs being pulled, felt the grass on the back of my legs and the cool airbas my pants came down, somebody tearing my shirt.
At first I thought it was just the three of them but then more kids started showing up. Most were boys, some were girls. And I wondered where the girls came from because I didn't really see any around before. Anyway, the more kids and then the girls made my panic nearly heart stopping. These a******* were stripping me and there was nothing I could do. No one was really saying much I remember. a few laughs and mostly my grunting and trying to get away along with theirs as they kept trying to strip me.
Well, it wasn't long and there I was, completely naked. And then I started hearing more laughing. I remember hearing a girls voice yell "Spread his legs apart!" And my legs and arms were pulled apart like ... on command, with a bunch of affirmative "Yeahs" and sounds from those around.
I was effing exhausted, out of breath and just laying there. Shocked, I think,
Just to find myself in that situation.
The kid kneeling on my arms above my head would like slap me once in a while and kept trying to tickle me under my arms. Which made me squirm some and brought out giggles and laughs. But I was so out of breath I could hardly move. Being exposed like that and knowing people are watching is the most urgent and humiliating thing. I just couldn't get away. One kid with his weight holding my arms and another two holding my legs down and apart.
It was really like a feeling of panic.
I felt someone feeling my genitals and someone tickling my feet, felt someone, I think the kid that started it all, touching around my a***, then heard that same girls voice tell them to j*** me off. At this point I remember feeling that there was nothing I was gonna do about it and that "panic" start to subside. At the same time I could feel an erection happening. Don't even remember where my head went at that time. I just kind of zoned out.
I remember they couldn't make me "squirt" as they kept calling it: "Make him squirt, make him squirt."
I had never orgasmed before so I didn't really know, but now of course I know they were trying to make me o*****.
I remember my p**** being just rock hard while they kept playing with it, but I disappointed them. Which of course brought on a bunch of jeering about me being "just a little boy" and "mommy's boy" and"Baby boy p****" and "Teeny peenie" .... all that.
They finally let me up. Getting up was so awful. I felt completely embarrassed and humiliated. They threw my clothes at me and all just kind of left. There I was in the trees alone getting dressed. I remember looking down at the flattened grass where what had just happened to me happened. Didn't know what to do.
I took the back way out of the pines toward home.
Never told ANYBODY about it.
Not sure really, of who was there and saw me humiliated that day except for the original three that dragged me back there.
But maybe that was a good thing.
Going back to school was, needless to say, really tough for the rest of that year.

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  • I feel your pain I was born badly preemie and back in those days there was no preemie wards or anything you just lived or died, I lived but with some bodily and facial problems, I was tiny, weak and puny, s***** at sports and got picked on all the time and school was h*** , you just need to remember these a******* are only " tough" when they are in groups and are the lowest form of life, tough it out and you will succeed in life where they will fail

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