Bullied by a cute girly-girl.

Happened several times in school as a kid, now it's one of my regular fantasies.

Either the "sweet, quiet, helpful" girl just suddenly deciding to take shots at me one day for fun, knowing no one would ever believe she did it-- and enjoying my shock.

Or just a cute, delicate, giggling sweetheart who will swerve far out of her way to blast me just for existing.

Mostly verbal-- in fact, mostly just a whole lot of LAUGHTER, with the jokes/insults only really happening to give her more of a reason to laugh.

If she's the quiet nice girl, her first "attack" might be just to laugh at me without me being sure that's what she's doing-- then slam me with a sudden, plain insult when I ask-- laughing again at my shock.

If she's the delicate, sweet, bubbly type, then occasional snarky little shots and jabs are already part of it-- but delivered as playful jokes-- until I have enough and (nervously) either take my own shot or ask why she does it.

She goes straight serious for a moment and asks me if I'm going to stop her. There being nothing I can really say to that, I'm forced to watch her physically RELAX back into unmoved laughter. If I DO ever dare to actually press her for respect-- all it does is p*** her off that she can't laugh at me. Then it's a delicate, sweet, bubbly girl saying things like: "God, I f*****' HATE you!" And "Ugh, do you EVER shut up?!" While just WAITING for me to make the slightest slip up she can BURST back into histerical laughter at-- then mockingly rub in my face just briefly enough to launch herself back into even harder laughter. Then she might individually break down every aspect of my mistake one by one-- fits of laughter in between. If I dare to say a WORD she instantly goes to angry disgust: "Umm, wanna get slapped...? Then shut your mouth-- A******!" before glaring at me for a moment-- before either totally dismissing me or going right back to laughter. Oh-- there might be rare, extreme moments where she might trip me, shove me fairly softly, throw small, light objects (think pen caps, b**** of paper) at me-- or if I'm already down she might secretly knee or elbow me quickly without being seen-- but nothing hard enough to injure me or even hurt too much.

Something that none of them ever actually did to me that I for some reason think about now is if they delicately dip the tip of a finger in something I'm eating and calmly streak it down my shirt-- cue pointing, histerical laughter, loudly talking about the stain, more laughter-- you get the point.

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  • You must be some mazo pedo..

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