Selena Gomez mild humiliation

Now when I say MILD humiliation, it's humiliation that doesn't quite fit in the domination "circle" of things, but isn't exactly sweet and gentle either, it's obvious mockery and teasing, but isn't really vicious or OVERLY cruel. So anyway, the fantasy is Selena Gomez (or a similar actress) treating me like that. Everything I do or say is met with eye rolling and laughter, she says things like "Oh sweety, you're such a dork!" or "Ohh what a mess..." always with a smirk and mocking laughter, always with a roll of the eyes. She does what I want her to to a certain extent, but never goes as far as I beg her to and only seems to do the little she DOES do for her own amusement when it excites me. Like if I ordered her to show me her stomach, she might laugh, but she'd go "ohhh, alright..." and then she'd slowly lift her shirt to reveal her stomach and how her jeans hug her hips (It's always something denim in these fantasies). But if I told her to strip for me she'd just stand there and laugh or maybe she'd pull out one bra strap, look at me, go "Naahh..." and then put it away giggling. If I tell her not to do something she goes out of her way to mockingly do it. For example If I said "You'd better not make fun of me today, I'm not in the mood." She would chirp with cheerful sarcasm "Hehehehehe! Or what, you big dork!" Or if I said "Don't touch that model/book/device on my dresser she would pick it up. "Ahahaha! Oh, you mean this?" I get flustered and tell her to put it down and I get "Hehehe... you're right, I should do that, huh?" She then proceeds to calmly stroll out of the room holding it carelessly and trailing mocking laughter behind her. She'll ask me a question and meet me answer with just more sarcasm and laughter. When we have s**, (if she decides she wants another laugh) it doesn't matter how great I am, I'd just be the same spazzy little dweeb who just HAPPENS to be good at s**, and she just uses it as another reason to mock me.

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