Whats with you creeps that post about doing sexual things with little kids? Its disgusting and way too common on here. Its honestly pathetic. How can you be attracted to a little kid more than an adult? Adults are fully developed and kids aren’t. You people only like it because you’re desperate, get help.

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  • Welp...looks like somebody doesnt understand psychology and is ignorantly just b*******.

    AdUlTs ArE fUlLy DeVeLoPeD

    Okay, so what do you think? People with midget diseases and diseases that slow growth so they still look small at 18 shouldnt have relationships? F*** outta here with your stupid ass!

  • You’re really trying to justify being a pedophile. Whats your address? I’ll make sure you stop.

  • I'll help.

  • If the kid willingly particpates in some sexual activity, how is this "destroying" them. True enough forcing some one under age 5 or 6 is like you said but 9 or 10 is old enough for them to know what they want.

  • That still makes you a pedophile dumbass. Either way you’re a terrible person. If there’s nothing wrong with it. Post your name and address on here and see what happens.

  • Donald trump, c/o the whitehouse, Washington d.c. u.s.a.

  • Oh please. He only wants to do his daughter, not the autistic younger one

  • Exactly , never ever force or abuse but even if she is younger than 9 if she enjoys it give it to her, not s** at that point but if she likes having it touched, fingered, licked then do it, if she likes playing with or sucking a c*** let her, nothing wrong as long as it is not forced

  • Fat droopy t*** compared to little buds, flabby fat body compared to petite, tight body, ugly hairy p**** compared to a nice hairless, puffy little p****, fat ugly ass compared to a nice round tight little ass, give me kiddy anyday

  • F****** disgusting, kill yourself.

  • I’m 100% sure you’re fat and ugly so you can’t be picky lol you just sound like an idiot. You described a grown womans body not a childs.

  • Too dumb to read even what a w*****

  • There are plenty of grown women with amazing bodies, similar to the ones you described. You just can't have them because you're absolutely FOUL. You want to f*** kids because they have no concept of sexuality or predators. You want to destroy something because you are nothing. Kill yourself.

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