Oh the secrets we keep.

So my niece came to me the other day, She has just spent her first two weeks at college, First real time away from home and she had some concerns. She and I have always been close, her mom and I grew up together, Went to university together and she married my brother, My niece has always kind of came to me for advice or sometimes just a sympathetic ear and I have always fostered that because every girl needs someone in their life they feel they can open up to.
Anyway she came home to grab a few things she felt she needed and had only stayed over night but stopped in for a glass of wine and a little advice, She waited until it was just me and her and then told me she needed some straight up advice from someone who wouldn't judge her. She started by telling me she had only been with one guy before going to college and they were still kind of a thing but in her first week she hooked up with a guy and just two days previous she had "Made out" with a girl for the first time and was feeling....Weird about it.
Oh my goodness, What to do, What to say, what to divulge and what not to. If she had any idea the hijinx me and her mother had gotten up to it may change her view of both of us and may have been too big of a shock to her system so I softened what I did tell her and left out a LOT. She told me after that she felt better about it and I also made sure to tell her to slow down, College is a marathon not a sprint and you don't want to end up "That girl". However after she left it got me thinking about some of our...Adventures and I wanted to put one down here, One that no one else knows and never will except those involved.
Wow, That first week is always a crazy one, For everyone I know it was anyway, A lot of sewing your oats and feeling out the new potential friends, relationships, Guys, Girls, Whatever you're into and finding out what you are into for some. When I went it was a different situation, I took a close friend with me, My then friend and now sister in law (Kelsey). We did the same crap her daughter did, I think it was my second night in a new town, Away from home and banged a random guy from a local nightclub and Kelsey gave his friend a BJ, A week later I had brought home another different guy and it was a wild night, Everyone was drinking, We were having a party at our "Res" which were all a townhouse style set up with four bedrooms and a bathroom up, Kitchen, Dining room and living room down.
Me and this guy had "Snuck" upstairs, Yeah like everyone didn't know and we were getting down in my room, He pulled out and shot on my chest which was always my preferred. He flopped over and I got up, No towel, No nothing in my room so I decided to bolt for the bathroom to clean up, I opened my door, Peeked out and no one was around so I made the dash to the bathroom which was only about three steps, Not wanting to get caught naked I flung the door open and quickly shut it but...I had walked in on two of my room mates, The two I had not previously known.
One (Kerry) was a small, Skinny, Flat chested blonde girl the other (Erin) was more average built and myself 5'3" 125 lbs brunette 34C, I spun around and was face to face with my first ever encounter with a real life girl on girl situation outside of just kissing a couple friends when drunk, Kerry was sitting on the counter, Erin was on her knees and Kerry was holding Erin's head by the hair into her...Yeah. I did the whole "Oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't" as I looked away and for whatever reason that was the one and only time I ever had an issue with the door, I was trying to open it and had somehow locked myself in the bathroom with two girls having s**.
Kerry was quite far into her...Build and Erin who I was quite surprised to be the one trying this since she was very quiet and seemed reserved was not able to get away since Kerry had ahold of her and I don't think she really tried, Kerry looked at me and whispered "Come...Come..." and frantically waved her hand at me to come closer, I declined and she persisted, The only towel i could see was the one she was sitting on and I had a choice, Stay or leave and since I couldn't figure out the door at least that's what I am going to blame it on I stepped closer, Kerry grabbed me pulled me to her, Looked at my body covered in sperm and moaned "Oh god, Did you just get f*****?", I nodded and she put her hand on my back, Pulled me in and kissed me then pressed our upper bodies together rubbing her chest against mine then started rubbing his sperm all over our chests.
We went full make out and were both rubbing each others chests, Erin slid her hand up my inner thigh and I spread my feet, She put a finger in me and in only a couple minutes I was part of the weirdest, Most awkward three way o***** I have ever heard of, I started doing this weird shaking thing as Erin had a finger in me and her thumb on my "Rubbin Nubbin" as my husband calls it, I folded at the waist, Kerry grabbed my head and pressed my mouth to her nipple, I sucked it and pinched the other one with one hand on the counter to steady myself, I looked down and watched as Erin licked Kerry and rubbed herself, Kerry went first and wrapped her legs around Erin's shoulders pulling her close, she started moaning, I started coming and trying to moan but had Kerry's little nipple in my mouth so it was more of a stifled moan, Erin sat up on her knees and thrust her hips forward f****** her own hand and we all moaned and twitched and came aaaannnddd yeah.
We all jumped in the shower quick, rinsed off the random guys sperm me and Kerry had all over us and Erin's hand I am sure, We toweled off, I wrapped myself in the towel and they put their clothes on, I went back to my room and before I closed my door I looked and they both went into Kerry's room, Dude was passed out on my bed so I put on some pants and a shirt and shoved him over, then crawled in and went to sleep, When I woke up he was gone and I never seen him again...That I remember, Not sure if I would remember him to be honest.
Kerry made advances a couple times after that and me and Erin kissed a couple times but it never happened again and it wasn't until final semester of that year before I decided to do anything like that again and it was me and Kelsey, We went full on, 101 girl on girl positions, Spent the entire night together, Literally hours, Woke up the next day and had a long talk and both decided it was not "Our thing" but that's another story.

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