I need to find a confession

Hi i found this site a ouple of days ago and the first story i heard i loved it the next day and ever since then i have been going through every sing page of this website trying to find it please help me find it . here is how it went (not exact but what i remember,there are alot missing this is about a girl and her dad is taking advantage of her)

"I only live with my dad.lately my dad has been giving me long hugs and kisses.he never lets me wear bras inside the house he says it is unatrual to womens body.We sleep in the same bed he says to save water to and less sheets needed one day i was watching a movie with him when i felt a sudden pinch i look and see my dad pinching my nipple. i don't know what to do so i go to the washroom.i come back and sit a little far but he scotches back he then pinched my nipple again but then he stopped. I think he realized i was uncomfortable. the is realize he was working on my tank top and he was slipping it off. i woke up naked in my bed i think he molested me he is naked too. I tried looking for close but i can't find any . he is acting natrual so i am too what do i do"

that is the story can you please help me find it if you do please put the link in the comments please and thank you. :)


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