I don't care if my father dies

I don't care if my dad dies because he's a stupid abusive piece of s*** who's**** and strangled my mom too many times. She's a stupid b**** who didn't feel the need to get away from him when there were so many warning signs. He neglects his job and f**** other people and doesn't care that my mom knows. For 17 years I had to deal with his f****** bullshit, and hopefully when I'm an adult I can get away from him for good. All I'll miss is his money and the fact that there won't be a strong male figure around to help my family, and maybe some of the good things he's done. But his cruelty cancels out all those positives.


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  • Sorry hon.

  • Get the heck out of there. I did when I was 17 because of a brutal father.
    I ask him for nothing and only spoke to him when I had to. I had no help with my family I did it on my own. You can leave if you really want to.

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