So that just happened

Last night my wife (40) and I (42) along with her younger sister (31) and her husband (36) were in the hot tub getting s*** faced, My wife puked over the side onto the lawn and wandered inside to pass out, Her sister and her husband stumbled off to go sleep on the pullout couch and I tidied up then went to bed, I could hear her sucking him off from our room and I went to have a peek, I got caught by him right away and he looked over giving me a thumbs up as she laid on her side and he was sliding his d*** in and out of her mouth.
He waved me over and I walked right up, Looked at her and she had her eyes closed, He pointed to me then to her and stepped aside, i quickly whipped mine out and she wiped her mouth then without even opening her eyes she opened her mouth again and I shoved it in.
I had my d*** in my wife's sisters mouth while her husband was watching, She pulled her head back and rolled onto her stomach, Grabbed the waist of her shorts she had thrown on and puled them down to her knees, I looked at him and he was nodding his head, I straddled her and she reached back between her legs, Grabbed my d*** and I put ti in her, She just grunted and my brother in law was pumping his fist in the air, I f***** her nice and slow and she just moaned and grunted and then she lifted her hips a bit and I could feel her tickling my b**** while rubbing herself and I came inside her but kept going, He knew I came and tapped me on the shoulder, I pulled out and she stuck her bum up a bit more, He took my position and shoved his d*** in her, He f***** her and I played with her b**** until she grunted and shook a bit then he shoved it all the way in and came in her.
He slowly pulled out and spread her ass cheeks, Rubbed her bum hole with his finger and she pushed his hand away, Me and him went to the garage and he was like "F*** yeah man, We just f***** tag teamed my wife, HAHAH", I was a bit nervous and whatever but he was quite happy, I told him my wife was going to kill me and he said "Pfffttt don't even worry, F***, She'll never even remember it.
This morning we all had coffee and she never said a word, Never acted out of the ordinary other than saying "You guys are a*******, I'm never drinking shots with either of you again, I'm going back to sleep".

Sep 17, 2019

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  • That sounds like a great day 👍

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