She was going to.

I often bug my wife and ask her if she would be into a three way with another guy, she has always said no but when we get it on she seems receptive to sucking my thumb or finger while doggy.
So in my infinite wisdom I decided to try and push it a bit further and I came so close to tag teaming my wife, We went to a group function and got drunk, Went out with a bunch of friends after and went back to a friends place after, I waited all night to make my move and finally we decide to go back to the hotel, A friend of mine had a room next to ours and he came to our room for a night cap, My wife was pretty drunk and went to pee so while she was gone I propositioned him with my idea, He was totally in since he has been divorced for three years and at the moment doesn't have a GF.
My wife came back and sat down, I started touching her legs, Playfully kissing her neck and stuff knowing I could probably get her h****, She was wearing a super nice little skirt and top, My wife and I have 3 kids and I think her body is great other than small saggy b**** but otherwise she looks as hot or hotter than the day we met, She was getting obviously h****, Adjusting her position and playing with her hair, Stumbling with her words and finally she looked at me, Nodded toward him and made a very obvious motion that I should get rid of him, I knew exactly what she meant but I made a motion back that I was surprised. She was obviously thinking I meant I was surprised she wanted to get laid but I had my hand behind her, Tapped him on the shoulder and he reached over, Put his hand on her leg and when she turned to him he kissed her.
They kissed for 2-3 seconds before she pulled back and her eyes looked like they were about to bulge out of her head, She looked at me and I smiled, and he slid his hand up her top putting his hand on her stomach, She took a deep breath holding it as I watched him kiss her neck and bare shoulder then she slowly let the breath out, I leaned in and started kissing her neck on the other side and whispered "I've waited so long" and she was in full panic mode, She didn't know what to do and I think she just kind of went with it out of panic but knowing she would come to her senses at some point I decided to move quickly, I slid my hand behind her back and unzipped her top, She put her hands on her b**** shaking her head no, I nodded yes and she took her hands away and I pulled her top off, I pulled her bra down and she she covered her b****** saying "mmm...Nobody wants to see those", He kissed her neck and said "Trust me, Everything about you is perfect", I pulled her bra away and she tried to hold it but finally let go and he put his hand on her left breast before she could cover it.
She was breathing heavy and choppy and scrunched her face up as he lifted her saggy little breast and sucked her wrinkly purple nip into his mouth, I quickly whipped my pants off and put her hand on my c***, He did the same, Keep in mind this is the first time anyone has ever seen my wife in less than a bikini since we met, She looked at me with a look I don't really know how to describe, Half fear, Half h****, I don't know. My wife, My loving sweet wife was sitting with no top on, Her nip in my friends mouth and a d*** in each hand, She still had her legs crossed and was rolling her hips, Clenching her thighs and I reached over, Took her top leg and pulled it off then spread them.
I started rubbing her and he stood up, Kicked his pants off and stood up on the couch beside her, She grabbed his shaft, Looked up at him and took it in her mouth, I slid over right beside her watching as he slid his d*** in and out of her mouth, She closed her eyes as I cupped her b****** and rolled her nips between my fingers, I looked up at him and motioned for him to f*** her, He stepped down, Knelt down and put his hands on her knees spreading them, She leaned her head back on the couch and he started licking her, He was licking and fingering her, I stood up on the couch and put my d*** in her mouth.
I Sat back down and she jerked me as he sat up on his knees between her legs, He rubbed his k*** on her c*** and she grabbed his d***, She started rubbing her c*** with his k*** as he leaned in and sucked her nips while she jerked me, He was just about to go for it, She had her hand around his shaft with just the k*** sticking out and she put the tip in and started breathing real fast and heavy and then pushed him back and said "f***, F***, F***, F***, Fuuuuck" and stood up, She fixed her skirt and went to the bathroom and closed the door. Me and him quickly decided she had changed her mind and he left before she came out and freaked out which was the mistake.
She came back out a couple minutes later and just had her thong on, She stopped, Looked around and I swear to god she looked disappointed, She said "He left", I grabbed my phone and texted him "Get back here" then tossed my phone and grabbed her, I started kissing and groping her, She looked at me and I looked at her, She dropped to her knees and started sucking me, I grabbed my phone and was furiously texting him but he wasn't replying.
I pounded the s*** out of her and she had her first multi big O, He never Replied until morning, She seen his reply and I looked at her and asked if she wanted me to have him come over, She said "Good f*** no", I said "No?" and she said "No, Last night was a huge mistake, Huge and can never happen again, That was a total fail and I feel like a total loser", I tried and tried to console and convince her that it was a great night and that we should do it again but she has only gotten more and more strongly against it. Huge f*** up on my part, I should have made him stay, I may have missed my only opportunity.

Sep 19, 2019

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  • Sorry to hear that, I hope for your sake she reconsiders

  • Wait till she goes out and does this behind your back. I’m sure you’ll never know. You let the beast out and now it will become an urge. She won’t do it for you out of respect. Her urge will become strong. She will do it due to quench her sexual needs and won’t care about you.
    She may have enjoyed it but just not with you unless it was her idea

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