Opening Up to my GF

My girlfriend walked in on me wearing panties about 3 months ago. I thought for sure she was gonna laugh, or worse, break up with me thinking I’m a freak. She thought it was a little weird, but was alright with it as long as I don’t force it onto her. About a week later she came to me and asked why I wear panties. I told her it’s to get in touch with my feminine side and that I found them comfortable to wear. Not only did she try to understand where I was coming from with this, but she told me straight up that she accepts me for who I am regardless of what it is. Since then we’ve been much happier as a couple and shes even helped me get into wear nylon stockings and garter belts. I am her princess and very proud of it.

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  • I too am a guy who loves wearing silky panties, stockings, control panties, slips, & bras. You are very blessed to have such an open minded lady friend. NEVER TAKE HER FOR GRANTED. She is very special and trust me not many women are willing to accept a man who wears panties and more. I've gone shopping wearing my lingerie under a pair of shorts while wearing a pair of suntan Sheer Energy pantyhose. Some women would see me...look me up and down and then give me a little smile, as if to say they knew I was wearing pantyhose. Best of luck to both of you.

  • Has she suggested using a strap on or a double end d**** on your ass.

    I also caught my boyfriend dressing up. He has very little body hair and has always been a bit girly in his looks. After a month I accepted it and we started incorporating it into our s** life.

    The double ended d**** is best I f*** his ass and my p**** get f*** at the same time.

    We also have a really long flexible one that I insert into both of our a**** as I ride his c***. I c** incredibly hard.

    After 2 years, we can both only c** when he his dressed up. I want him to get breast implant, so I can suck his t***.

    I haven't asked him yet, but I think he will. He loves to wear bras.

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