I’m actually dumb

I like my best friends dad and i feel so bad about it. since me and my dad aren’t close at all i considered him as my second dad and he’s a really great guy but at the same time it’s my best friends dad. that’s so horrible to think about yet at the same time i even fantasize about him like it’s no big deal. i see him a lot and it’s like i can never stop looking at him or talking to him i feel like i should always be around him but it’s so wrong. right? i feel embarrassed about it but it’s not like i’m gonna stop which is the bad part.

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  • Let him f***

  • F*** him

  • I think you find he would love for you and him to have a relationship,
    If you truly care for him let him know, this could be the start of something very beautiful

  • When I read the caption, I was sure this would be from Fredo Corleone.

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