My underage school bus dream which has become my fav fantasy

I had a dream about a year ago which has now become my favorite m*********** fantasy.

I dreamt that I was a kid back at school on a school trip on a bus sat in the window seat. Sat next to me in the aisle seat is a little girl. She is very pretty, wearing an extremely short school skirt and white knee socks. As I realised more detail in my dream, I began to realise that the bus was full of other kids from our school.

I also realised that I was wearing only a white school shirt and nothing else. For some reason all the buttons were missing on my shirt and I began to despirately try to hold the shirt together to hide my naked body.

At the same time I was fixated to the pretty little girl sat next to me and I was getting very arroused looking down at her her bare legs.....oh I was so so turned on! The more I tried to hide myself fumbling with my shirt the more my willy kept poking through and every time I brashed over it with my fumbling hand I got more turned on.

Eventually the little girl looked around to see what all my fidgiting was about and she noticed me fumbly and my hard willy sticking out and suddenly I climaxed all over myself and my shirt and the seat ..... such a rush!

Needless to say she screamed, the teacher came over and the stopped the bus. He escorted me down the aisle and off the bus with all the other kids looking at me, shirt gaping open for them all to see, I had reached puberty, probably 14 or so and my ginger pubilc hairs were eveident.

I then remember distant chants of the kids cally me ginger-minger!

As an adult now this dream still turns me on. I have never confessed this dream or fantasy to anyone. Thanks for reading.


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  • I remember riding my bike to school in year 7. After school we'd swarm the bike racks. As we swung our legs over the seat or stood up on the peddles to accelerate quickly you could see the girls undies under their skirts.

  • One of my earliest memories that I have where I realised I was not normal was when I was about 8 and in the kitchen of a neighbours house. There were a couple of mothers and a small swarm of kids in our school uniforms. The girls uniform was a short dress. Suddenly one of the mums whacked her kid across the back of the legs with the wooden spoon. The kid fell to the floor and curled up crying and sobbing. The mother said out loud the best bit about these short uniforms is that you can get a good smack in without having to lift the skirt.

    I remember standing there with really confusing feelings. I knew I should feel sorry for the kid but I didn't. I was curious to have a look at the red mark. I remember even wondering what it would be like to be that kid. Later as I pondered it, I was intrigued by the mothers remark too. Even later in life I was intrigued to think that mums are quite happy to dress their daughters in skimpy clothes and certainly my daughter was quite happy to likewise wear quite skimpy clothes

  • Ahh dreams.

    but reality is …….. distant. boring. cold. misunderstood.

    I wonder why guys including me get so fixated on short dresses and skirts. I am sure it's totally a non issue for the girls.

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