I’m leaving my badly disabled brother behind to die

I decided that I got too much to live for , so I’m leaving my badly disabled brother behind to die , I looked after him for 22 and half years , so I just left him and I’m leaving him to die on his own ,
his girlfriend can look after him , but I can’t look after him no more . I ain’t no saint and he is certainly no Robert De Niro from the Awakenings ( Drama movie ) .
I know he is gonna die alone someday , but I’m not gonna be there to witness him die . Nor am I attending his funeral , he will be dying on the street ( in the future) and I’m not gonna save him no more , he is a 43 year old man with serious mental problems , it’s time for him to just look after himself and only himself , I don’t care about him no more , if anybody made him into this self destructive mentally ill drunk , it was him that did it , not me .

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  • It's OK for mothers to kill their babies in the womb.

    Why the f*** is it illegal to kill ourselves.

  • Pro-lifers love to scream about "babies in the womb," but once a person is born, they can get f*****. So you really had no reason to comment here, since you are fine with a *grown* defective passing from this earth.

  • How many more times are you going to comment the same thing? Are you THAT mentally deficient?

  • Don’t know what you mean by that , if you are suggesting I kill my brother rather than let him suffer more , than I’m not sure what you want me to do , if I kill him , I’m a cold blooded killer , if I let him live , I’m much more badder than a cold blooded killer . because if I kill somebody , I can’t watch them suffer , if I kill my disabled brother , he will not be able to suffer no more . But maybe I should put him in jail . But he’s been in jail over 100 times already , my mom even put him in jail 100 times and she died in 2007 .

  • I was not suggesting you kill your brother. Sometimes I wonder why we cant kill disabled people. We let women kill perfectly healthy unborn babies and then if they have PND and kill their kid we put them in jail. I dunno. Each to their own. Why cant I legally kill myself I wonder.

  • A 11 year old girl is not a mother she is a child but based on all the sickfucking posts of peoplefucking them here they bound to get pregnant. If it was my child she would never know she was pregnant and that she had an abortion. And as for the Sickfuck who got her knocked up. They would be carried by six and I would be judged by 12.

  • Too bad your mother let YOU live. Keep working at ending it though, we're rooting for you! :)

  • If he does things to constantly get locked up I wouldn't clean his mess up or support him either.

  • Amen brother

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