My brother left ten years ago and never came back

He was never mistreated. He was always quiet and unfriendly but not a bad person. He did his share of the chores and everything over the years seemed normal.

He got married and he and his wife left with no return address. We could hire a detective but if he wants to get rid of us we’ll let him.



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  • Too bad you can't ask him. Quiet people perceive subtle interactions better than those who are always flapping their jaws, and are more likely to never look back from a toxic situation.

    Sorry, did I use too many big words? Here: Maybe it was you and your train wreck family and not him. :)

  • You can't pick your family but you can fire them. Leave him alone.

  • Maybe he did something in his life or something happened to him where he would much rather forget about it and move on.

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